Sun. Jan 26th, 2020

The benefits of self-regulatory bodies to protect the consumer

Self-regulation and new challenges in deceptive advertising

In the advertising sector, self-regulation organizations or adherence to codes of conduct are excellent initiatives that allow companies to establish a relationship of trust with all stakeholders: consumers, employees, customers, suppliers … The role of an agency of Sector self-regulation is, fundamentally, to avoid and resolve conflicts that may arise, in this case, in the field of advertising.

Ricard Castellet

Ricard Castellet

A Catalan self-regulation body would allow us to get closer to our reality, both of companies and consumers, with the advantages of understanding perfectly the needs, problems and possible solutions applicable in our country.

Timely responses

Many are the new challenges we face in deceptive advertising: influencers, online gaming, distribution platforms, social networks … but we can trust that we will find the right answers to protect consumers.

We can cite two very recent examples: the “Code of Conduct on the use of Influencers in advertising” prepared by the Spanish Association of Advertisers (AEA) and Self-control and the latest “Guide on the use of cookies” of the Spanish Agency of Data Protection. Both are very timely and appropriate responses to these new situations that technology enables.

* Ricard Castellet is director of Tecnolawyer digital law consulting

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