April 18, 2021

The benefits of growing up in a house full of books – La Provincia

The benefits of growing up in a house full of books - La Provincia

The benefits of the habit of reading are well known. Books guide us, transform us, nourish us. Just having them close is beneficial: grow up surrounded by books, no matter how many, improves academic results and future skills of teenagers

This is shown by a study by Joanna Sikora of the Australian National University and MP R Evans and Jonathan Kelley of the University of Nevada, who conclude that growing up in a house full of books improves literacy, arithmetic skills and technological skills. of teenagers Surrounding yourself with books not only facilitates professional success, but also helps create habits that will improve your personal education lifelong.

The study, published in the journal 'Social Science Research' in October 2018, explains that adults who They grew up with many books in his parents' house but they did not access higher education they have a high academic-cultural level that those who they obtained a university degree but they had fewer books at their disposal during adolescence.

The figures were extracted from a group of 160,000 people between 23 and 26 years old from more than 31 countries, and also show that adults respondents from Scandinavian countries and some post-communist societies are those who remember having the largest libraries in his parents' house. To get an idea, in Spain the average number of books in home libraries is 152, while in Norway, at the top, it is 212, and in Turkey, last, it is 62.

Sikora points out in the article that, in a society that advances rapidly in technology, which increasingly uses the 'e-book' at the time of reading, this measurement technique will soon become obsolete. In the future, audiobooks must be taken into account, in addition to physical and digital books.


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