July 27, 2021

The benefit of Russian oil company Tatneft drops 0.8% until September

The Russian oil and gas company Tatneft obtained a net attributable profit of 172,719 million rubles (2,447 million dollars) in the first nine months of the year, representing a 0.8% decrease over the same period last year, he said Today the company.

The company's sales and other net operating income amounted to 691,409 million rubles (9,798 million euros) between January and September, up 2.4%.

Tatneft's EBITDA totaled 248,070 million rubles (3,515 million euros), representing an increase of 10.3%.

The company had revenues from the sale of refined petroleum products of 287,904 million rubles (4,080 million euros) until September, 5% more, while the turnover for the supply of petrochemicals amounted to 35,849 million rubles (508 million euros), 4% less.

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