The bench comes out to play in the run-up to a renewal congress for the PSOE | Economy

President Pedro Sanchez surprised saturday. And it is foreseeable that he will continue to do so in the PSOE. Overcome the last Council of Ministers without the announcement of relays, few were betting on a government crisis before the holidays. But it did happen, and it has been far-reaching. More than the moment, it dislodged friends and strangers the ascent to the first line of action of names that never entered the poolss, including those of three mayors, Rachel Sanchez (Gavà), Isabel rodriguez (Puertollano) and Diana morant (Gandía), elected to lead the ministries of Transport, Territorial Policy, and Science and Innovation, respectively.

Yesterday was the day of farewells, in which Raquel Sánchez and Morant promised to “leave their skin” in their new positions, and Isabel Rodríguez, who also becomes government spokesman, he assured that he will not lose “the perspective of the street.”

José Luis Ábalos, will be the first weight loss in Ferraz

Raquel Sanchez, Diana Morant, Pilar Alegria, Isabel Rodriguez, Felix Bolanos, Pilar Llop and Jose Manuel Albares

Raquel Sanchez, Diana Morant, Pilar Alegria, Isabel Rodriguez, Felix Bolanos, Pilar Llop and Jose Manuel Albares

The president has moved the bench of his party; the commitment to women and young profiles is clear. The appointment of the three councilors was joined by that of the Madrilenian Pilar Llop as Minister of Justice, from her previous position as president of the Senate, and the jump of Pilar Alegria a Education and Vocational Training, leaving behind the Government Delegation in Aragon.

Different sources indicate that a high degree of continuity is expected among the senior officials of the ministries affected by the crisis. It is about starting the second half of the legislature with refreshment profiles, but not about motivating a break of weeks, and even months, in an activity that is already slowed down in summer. However, yesterday the Secretary of State for Global Spain, Manuel Muñiz, already resigned. who has spearheaded economic diplomacy in the last year and a half. The decision of this loyalist to Arancha González Laya has been “strictly personal,” as indicated in a letter sent to the outgoing Foreign Minister.

The relays are completed with the appointment of two new bishops of the president: Félix Bolaños and José Manuel Albares. The former is in charge of the portfolio of Presidency and Relations with the Courts, and his promotion has been read as a gesture to Ferraz, as well as the commitment to Oscar Lopez at the head of the Presidential Cabinet instead of Ivan Redondo.

As for Albares, repatriated from the Spanish embassy in Paris, he was already Pedro Sánchez’s squire before the EU or the G20 before being elected to the Foreign Office.

The new Government spokesperson, Isabel Rodríguez: “I will not lose the perspective of the street”

Heavy weights with heavy wear remain on the road, such as Carmen Calvo and José Luis Ábalos; this last one will also leave the secretariat of Organization of the PSOE. Isabel Celaá, Arancha González Laya, Juan Carlos Campo, José Manuel Rodríguez Uribes and Pedro Duque they are also replaced for the second half of the legislature. Some fall out of fatigue, such as the head of Science and Innovation or Education; others after taking steps disputed by public opinion, as has been the case of the Minister of Justice with the pardons to the procés leaders, and there are those who cease, such as González Laya, due to the weight of a recent crisis, that of the border with Morocco.

The eighth premiere in a ministry is going to be Miquel Iceta in Culture, after even sounding for one of the vice presidencies.

Internal message

The mayors of Gavà and Gandía affirm that “they will leave their skin” in their ministries

Sánchez’s nods to the game may well be an attempt to smooth his way through the game 40th Congress of the PSOE, set for the weekend of October 15 to 17 in Valencia, where the renewal of the socialist leadership is expected.

The bump of the failed motion of censure in Murcia and the incontestable victory of the popular Isabel Díaz Ayuso in Madrid, while the PP takes flight in the polls, has made a move from La Moncloa and, soon, on Ferraz Street. Not surprisingly, there were also changes in government delegations such as Madrid (Mercedes González), Galicia (José Miñones) and Andalusia (Pedro Fernández).

PSOE sources translate the Secretary General’s movements as the suturing of open wounds in primaries and federal committees that confronted him with other figures of socialism.

Second part of the legislature

The president of the PP, Pablo Casado.

The president of the PP, Pablo Casado.

Mobilize the progressive vote. With a rejuvenated Executive and the commitment to municipal management figures, President Sánchez has put the quarry to play, probably thinking of mobilizing the progressive vote between the General elections of 2023.

You don’t play with the economy. In portfolios related to the economic recovery, Pedro Sánchez has preferred not to experiment. Nadia Calviño comes out stronger. Spain, with 140,000 million in grants and loans from the EU for the recovery plan, is still under the scrutiny of Brussels. Not having touched a single minister of United We Can, even after the red meat controversy with the head of Consumption, can be seen as a gesture of respect for the autonomy of the Government partner. But in return, the president does not seem willing to negotiate elementary issues with Yolanda Díaz as a counter-reform of labor regulation.

“Motion of self-censorship.” While the PSOE speaks of the “Government of recovery”, the PP has charged against the strategy deployed by Pedro Sánchez. The leader of the popular, Pablo Casado, affirmed yesterday that he has executed “a motion of censure on himself and an amendment to all that he has defended and all those who have surrounded himself and with whom he has traveled this path so bad for Spain ”.


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