July 29, 2021

The beauty of everyday life – The Province

The beauty of everyday life - The Province

The San Antonio Abad room, attached to the Atlántic Center for Modern Art (CAAM), inaugurates the first retrospective exhibition dedicated to the work of the photographer Lorena Morin (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 1973), under the title Je reste avec vous. It is a project produced by the CAAM with the collaboration of JTI, curated by Fernando Castro, with the collaboration of the photographer Rafael Arocha, and which can be visited until January 27, 2019.

The visual imagery and the daily memory of Lorena Morin are two sides of the same mirror, because her photographic universe stops the passage of time in the fleeting moment of the hug, the dream, the bath or the smile in the rooms of the family heart. The San Antonio Abad room, attached to the CAAM, opens the doors to the first monographic retrospective of the grancanaria photographer, curated by the art critic, philosopher and teacher Fernando Castro under the title Je reste avec vous, that borrows from a verse by the poet Jean Cocteau to consign the sentimental geography of your home as the place to stay.

The analogical look of Morin crystallizes the familiar experiences in an artistic newspaper designed along 11 years around herself and her partner, Ary; his children, Yuri, Jorge, Juno, Freya and Nina; and her grandmother, Carmen, whom she portrays without abstractions, idealizations or disguises, but from the stendhalian claim of the beauty of the intimate as a promise of happiness. But this spontaneous and affective dance of everyday life contains in its turn "a reflection on life, death, joy, coexistence, motherhood, children's games, the couple's relationship, daily life at home and the difficult and, even, asphyxiating that it can be sometimes, "says Morin. "But above all, speaks of human beauty, which is the one that passes us by and which is the one that is made of defects and failures."
The poetics of his images, without conceptual overloads, that border on the oneiric projected from the entrails, lies in the physical and emotional nudity that glossed the metaphor of the poet Paul Valéry and that says that "the deepest is the skin". But the line that crosses this photographic miscellany conceived in different sizes and traditional analogical or polaroid formats is the gesture of "how one person holds another", Castro points out, "how do you have to prop yourself up, hold on and hold on to the other".

In this sense, Castro highlights that Je reste avec vous It has "an auratic or nostalgic character because it appeals to the moment in which the photograph revealed emotions", so that the exhibition can also be read as "a revision of what has been the history of photography since the 19th century until the beginning of the reflection of photography through Susan Sontag or Roland Barthes and its meaning today, in the 21st century ". However, the curator announces that the show is, above all, an invitation to self-portray "as if there were a mirror in each room, because each one will see somewhere a reverie of his life." And that invites you, as indicated the title, to stay. "

For his part, Morin, in the wake of visual references such as Sally Mann, Nan Goldin or Emmet Gowin, said that, like the latter, he declared that without Edith, his wife, whom he has portrayed throughout his life, I would not have been who he is today, "I would not have done this work either, if it were not for my family and everything that has given me"The itinerary of the exhibition, whose final selection exceeded one screen between more than 2,000 photographs, houses a hundred images, as well as drawings and photographs of his own daughters, and an audiovisual piece with fragments of his shared biography. it does not follow a linear order, but rhythmic and dynamic, to illustrate "the accidents of life itself" or that magical and intimate chaos that rearranges our place in the world.


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