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The Beatles planned another album before separating, according to a recording

Weeks before the band the Beatles the complex dissolution process began, the four members of the group were still making plans to publish a new album, as revealed by a recording whose details the newspaper published this Wednesday
The guardian

On September 8, 1969, John Lennon, Paul McCartney and George Harrison met at the Apple Corps headquarters in London, on Savile Row.

Ringo Starr was undergoing a medical check-up in a hospital, so Lennon brought a tape recorder so that the drummer knew firsthand what his teammates were negotiating.

"Ringo, you can't be here, but this is so you can know what we say," says the musician at the beginning of the recording, which soon begins the dialogue about the publication of another album and a single that they plan for before Next Christmas.

Image of the 'Magical Mystery Tour' of the Beatles

Image of the 'Magical Mystery Tour' of the Beatles
(By Parlophone Music Sweden-via Wikimedia Commons)

Lennon suggests that each group member should propose a theme to act as a simple presentation and also proposes a new formula to compose the next album. He wants McCartney, Harrison and himself to bring four songs each and Starr two – "If you want," he says.

Paul responds to that proposal with a provocation: "Until this album, I thought George's songs were not so good," he says. Harrison, meanwhile, seems to take the dispute with sportsmanship. "It's a matter of taste. After all, people liked my songs, ”he says.

At one point in the conversation, John refers to the "myth of Lennon and McCartney," which for The guardian It states "clearly that the authorship of their songs, so far presented to the public as part of a sacrosanct association, should be accredited individually."

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