July 29, 2021

The Beatles, like the pig, take advantage of everything

The stage is auctioned where the Beatles played when they were not yet famous and that has been auctioned next to other objects of theirs

When you are important, everything is worth money. And if you add to that nostalgia and a certain fetish component, delirium and comedy appear. Thus, yesterday it was known through the English newspaper “The Guardian” that On April 10, the wooden stage of a small Liverpool venue where the Beatles performed before they rose to fame will go on auction. Also hurriedly scribbled notes by Paul McCartney for a studio recording of the song “Hey Jude” and another three hundred memorabilia of the Beatles that will be sold in New York, including an annotated script of the music video of Hello, Goodbye, 1967, or an ashtray used by Ringo Starr in the recording studios of Abbey Road in London. The pieces of letters or scripts of filming are more or less common in auction houses. The one of an ashtray or, still more, the piece of the stage, already forms part of this madness that in the 21st century supposes to have something of something. A scenario in which The Beatles (without Ringo Starr) performed before being The Beatles? Really? The woods in question were removed from Lathom Hall, in Liverpool, where the band offered its first presentation announced in May 1960 as The Silver Beatles. The band played there ten more times, until February 1961, just over a year before the release of their debut single, “Love Me Do.” It is expected to sell for about $ 20,000. And it is assumed that the owner will have where to put it, and if possible matching with other objects. Who knows if with an upholstery, a lined wall or elk horn.

“The stage is a unique piece in the market,” said Jason Watkins, music specialist at Julien’s Auctions. “There is not much precedent in the market for something like this. Therefore, it will be interesting to see how far the price goes, ”he added. And it is strictly true, because this current stage of delirium was unknown. Actually, the history of the Beatles has been filled with auctions with all kinds of objects. From the most interesting historically speaking to the most stupid. But everything matters. Once two records of John Lennon’s misconduct were purchased at the gold price during high school and Lennon’s own hairdresser sold a lock of the artist’s hair for $ 32,000. It is also funny to know that the door of the house where Paul McCartney grew up is not the original, since it was sold at the time for $ 6,500. But it was auctioned to the toilet where Lennon and Yoko Ono were relieved. The aforementioned latrine reached $ 12,000, paid by an admirer who, as they say in these cases, preferred to remain anonymous. This is the auctions, this is the showbusiness, this is the Beatles and this is the 21st century. And when everything comes together, wonderful things can happen.


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