The Basque PP does not doubt that Alfonso Alonso will be a candidate for lehendakari

The president of the PP of Álava, Iñaki Oyarzabal, said Thursday that the Popular Party of the Basque Country has “no doubt” that Alfonso Alonso will be the candidate of this party to lehendakari and has said that “in Genoa” they know that it is who best represents the popular project.

The PP is the only one of the great Basque parties that has not yet initiated the internal procedure for the election of the candidate for lehendakari for the regional elections that are held this year in Euskadi, planned in principle after the summer if Iñigo Urkullu decides to exhaust The legislature

Oyarzabal, in a press conference in Vitoria, explained that the president of the Basque PP, Alfonso Alonso, has not yet revealed whether he will repeat as a candidate for lehendakari because the internal procedure has not yet begun in this match for him and he has said, it is “very scrupulous” with the forms.

But Alonso, has influenced, has “the immense support of his teammates” and “nobody has any doubt within the Basque PP that Alonso will be the candidate.”

“We all believe he is the best, we want him to be the lehendakari,” he insisted, “and it surely will be.”

Asked about the possibility that the national PP leadership designates another candidate, Oyarzabal has responded that “in Genoa and everywhere they know that Alfonso Alonso is the leader of the PP in the Basque Country and is the one who best represents the project that is going to defend the party in the coming years. ”

He has again pointed out that, in the face of the Basque elections, the PP wants to bring together all the voters who defend the Constitution and who want to “stand up” to the “nationalist regime” and parties like the PSE, which has become a ” mere comparsa “of the PNV and has given up being an alternative.

He has also referred to United We as a formation that has become a partner of the PNV, in reference to the support of the left-wing coalition to this year’s Basque budgets, and EH Bildu as another partner of the nationalists “for their sovereignist plans “.


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