April 21, 2021

The Basque "Plan Renove" will apply to cars purchased since March 1

Fábrica de Mercedes Benz de Vitoria


The "Plan Renove" of the Basque Government will benefit drivers who buy a vehicle since March 1, today announced the Basque Energy Agency (EVE). These aids will be retroactive, since the program will not officially start until the end of the month, when it is published in the official bulletin. In this way, it responds to the demand of the associations of concessionaires, who have warned of the "demolition" effect that could have for the sector being so many weeks "stopped".

On Thursday, the Basque organization announced new details of the Basque Executive's plan, designed to remove vehicles with more than 10 years old from the roads of the territory and to favor the acquisition of cars with less polluting technologies. This section includes both electric and hybrid and gasoline or diesel cars with energy rating A. The program will be endowed with a game of five million euros and the aid will be provided to individuals or legal entities that reside or have their registered office and tax office in the Autonomous Community.

Despite everything, the Executive plan was received with some caution in the sector, fearful that there will be a break in sales during the coming weeks. Today, the president of the Vehicle Dealer Association of Vizcaya, Jon Lekue, has emphasized the problems that may mean that the aid does not arrive until the end of March as originally planned. Speaking to Europa Press, Lekue has called on the government to immediately launch a program that, in any case, has described as "very restrictive" for demanding the energy rating A on gasoline and diesel cars.

In any case, the EVE has reiterated that one of the main objectives of the plan is precisely to give a "strategic boost" to alternative fuels, for which it will offer grants of up to 3,000 euros. The body has also recalled the mandatory scrapping of the car or van, which must be at least 10 or seven years old respectively.


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