September 27, 2020

The Basque Parliament decides on Thursday whether or not to quote Urkullu to offer explanations about the collapse in Zaldibar

The Bureau of the Basque Parliament will decide next Tuesday whether or not to accept EH Bildu’s request for the lehendakari, Iñigo Urkullu, to appear before the Permanent Deputation of the Chamber to offer explanations on the management of the Government in relation to the collapse of the Zaldibar landfill (Biscay).

The request for appearance was registered this Tuesday by EH Bildu and will be resolved this Thursday by the Bureau of the Permanent Delegation of the Basque Parliament, as reported by the sovereign coalition itself through a statement.

EH Bildu has warned that it would be “totally incomprehensible” that the PNV and the PSE-EE, formations on which the Basque Government is based, will reject Urkullu’s request to appear before the Permanent Delegation, the body that replaces the plenary The Basque Parliament was dissolved after the call for elections held last Tuesday by the Lehendakari.

The sovereign coalition argued precisely, at the time of claiming the appearance of Urkullu before this parliamentary forum, that “the electoral call cannot be an escape to avoid the responsibility of the Executive in the disaster of the Zaldibar landfill”, which collapsed last Thursday burying two workers who have not yet been located.


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