June 18, 2021

The Basque Government warns of the presence of dioxins and furans in Eibar, Ermua and Zaldibar due to landfill fire

Discard to recommend to the population to leave these places and the use of masks that cover the nose and mouth because they are “ineffective” in this case.

Iñaki Berraondo, Deputy Minister of Health of the Basque Government, has focused this Saturday on children and pregnant women, the “most vulnerable” groups. Recommend not to ventilate the houses and keep the windows closed as long as possible. In addition, it is not recommended to do outdoor sports, due to the presence in the air of furans and dioxins above normal. Berraondo has sent a message of tranquility and has said that despite the annoying odors emanating from the landfill fire, these do not entail health risks. After this, he commented that the use of masks that cover the nose and mouth such as those that are being used with the reason for the Chinese coronavirus “would not make any sense.”

They have also sent to Madrid to be analyzed the air measurements made in the area on February 10, 11, 12 and 13, analyzes that take a minimum of four days to show results. Today La Liga has announced the suspension of the Eibar-Real Sociedad match tomorrow, Sunday 16, at four in the afternoon. The Deputy Minister of the Environment, Elena Moreno, explained that this Saturday they are already working with heavy machinery grounding to extinguish the fire and, with it, reduce the concentration of dioxins in the air. “The prospects of containing the fire are good,” he reiterated. On the search for the two missing operators, the Deputy Minister of Security, Josu Zubiaga, explained that work is being done to stabilize the area where the operators are thought to be.

On the other hand, the head of the Basque Government air service, Saioa Ferro, has been informing about the environmental situation of Eitzaga, so that its citizens can transfer their doubts, on Monday they will do the same in Ermua, on Tuesday in Eibar and , later, in Mallabia, so that the neighbors can solve their doubts about this situation.


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