May 14, 2021

The Baskonia traverses the Gran Canaria | sports

The Baskonia traverses the Gran Canaria | sports

The Baskonia is still fighting to get into the play off. There is a lot of league and the casualties accumulate, but it improves day by day. In front of Gran Canaria, which still does not take the taste of competition, won an unappealable victory that brings him to the Top 8 that grants the passports for the next phase.

Baskonia, 83 – Gran Canaria, 66

Baskonia (16 + 23 + 16 + 28): Huertas (24), Janning (3), Hilliard (9), Shields (7) and Poirier (20) -five start-up, Penava (2), Vildoza (5) and Diop (13)

Gran Canaria (23 + 19 + 9 + 15): Oliver (2), Eriksson (11), Rabaseda (-), Báez (12) and Balvin (16) -five start-up, Magette (-), Vene (-), Paulí (2), Pasecniks (4), Strawberry (5), Fischer (5) and Tillie (9).

Referees: Christos Christodoulou (Greece), Fernando Rocha (Portugal) and Milan Nedovic (Slovenia). Without eliminated.

Incidents: Match corresponding to the eighteenth day of the Euroleague played at the Fernando Buesa Arena before 9,812 spectators.

As it happened on his court, Gran Canaria came out overwhelming and ended up exhausted in front of a much more regular Baskonia, who knew how to temper his impulses and wait at the right moment to take off on the scoreboard. With so many absences in the team, the last Jayson Granger, Perasovic from the bench, and his pupils on the parquet, were dosed, had patience and endured the initial arreón of Gran Canaria, which seemed to entrust everything to a furious start.

A slight initial dismissal of the Vitorians contributed to this. That they were allowed to do. Perasovic summoned his team to conclave when the Buesa Arena scoreboard sent an alarm signal with the 9-21. The sermon from the bench managed to improve the situation a little until the 16-23 that ended the first quarter.

In the second, El Baskonia tightened more in defense, but he insisted too much on pressing the score on the fast track. Without clear shooting positions, his percentage of errors in triple shots multiplied (2 of 12). In several sets, the Basque team approached a point of the canary, but the possessions to get ahead did not materialize.

The break, with 39-42 favorable to Gran Canaria, was, however, the inflection point of the game. Víctor García's team began to miss his breath. He accelerated the Baskonia with his diesel engine, but he did not stop until the end of the game. In an instant it was ahead in the score and and would not abandon the leadership of the game, with the star contribution of Poirier, powerful in the score, and Marcelinho Huertas redivivo in the last days, which gave six assists of luxury and got the highest rating of your team.

The Baskonia players got their hands warm on the outside shot in the last quarter, while the ones on Gran Canaria ran out of inspiration. Curiously, the Canary Islands took more rebounds, but their errors in attack, prompted by the local defense, led them to defeat. The Baskonia managed to reach 20 points difference less than a minute to the end, although a triple Eriksson with six seconds left, minimally adjusted the final result (83-66), meager consolation for the Canaries, with six victories and twelve defeats, are far from the posts of play off. The Baskonia, on the other hand, is on the border.

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