July 25, 2021

The Baskonia starts the Euroleague with a good start | sports

The Baskonia starts the Euroleague with a good start | sports

Josean Querejeta has a dream: that his team, the Baskonia, is, back in May, playing the Final Four in Vitoria. After getting the scenario of the European basketball summits is the capital of Alava, the goal is that your team is one of the four protagonists of the event.

For now, the long road to the finals starts well. It is very much, the Vitorians recognize it. Pedro Martinez puts his hand on his forehead, looking at the horizon, when they remember him. There are thousands of kilometers to go, countless baskets to score. Possibly, many troubles to face, but the first step was given by the Baskonia in Kaunas, with a solvency exercise against the Zalgiris, diminished at the last minute by the loss of his pivot, Antanas Kavaliauskas, who stayed out just an hour before that the shock will begin.

The Baskonia took it very seriously from the beginning. In the first quarter he resisted on the basis of triples, the siege of the Lithuanian team, very well in the near shots, but he could not find comfortable roads towards the three-point cannon. Four triples from Baskonia kept Zalgiris at bay, who finished the first quarter with two points of advantage. He would no longer dominate any part of the match, because Pedro Martinez ordered a push in defense, and although in attack they had to continue depending on the three pointers, the entrance of Marcelinho Huertas settled the team, who reached the break with three points of advantage (39-42). ).

After the break, the vitorianos left even more concentrated. While Zalgiris trusted everything to the scoring efficiency of Nate Wolters, who finished the match with 19 points, the Baskonia made a choral effort, which translated into an increasing advantage as the minutes passed. The defense was tighter; the attack worked better. The Baskonia ran well against the backlash and the Zalgiris accused the tiredness. Diop worked like a machine; Shengelia levitated on the parquet floor. The third quarter made clear the superiority of Baskonia, which ended with an advantage of ten points, which increased to 17 with six minutes left until the end of the match.

Only an excess of relaxation could already jeopardize the first victory of the team from Vitoria in the Euroleague. He squeezed the Zalgiris, stole several balls in the final minutes, and caressed the dream of overcoming the visiting resistance, but everything remained there, on a scoreboard made up in the final moments after an 8-0 run. The final difference was fair. He won the Baskonia, which dominated the rebound, offensive and defensive, and ate the moral to a Zalgiris that only endured half a game.

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