June 18, 2021

The Bara-Naples of Champions will play behind closed doors – La Provincia

The Barça-Naples of the Champions League scheduled for March 18 at 9 pm will be held behind closed doors, according to the agreement reached on Tuesday the Generalitat and those responsible for the club meeting from 9 am at the headquarters of the Department of Salut. At the meeting, initially and before the last slogans of the Italian Government, they had expected to attend 5,000 followers from the Neapolitan city.

By the Barça have come to the meeting Oscar Grau and Albert Soler, as well as the head of the medical services of the club, Ramon Canal. Anyway, and regardless of the decision to dispute the meeting behind closed doors, everything is also pending of the possibility that finally Naples does not travel to Barcelona. With the dispute of the match behind closed doors, Barça will have a negative impact of around 4.5 million euros.


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