November 30, 2020

The bankruptcy of Thomas Cook evidences the lack of a European tourism strategy – La Provincia

The bankruptcy ofThomas CookIt occupies the agenda of the Europarliament. The European Commission made a statement yesterday about the effects of the bankruptcy of the British tour operator at the plenary session held in Strasbourg. The opinions on the Europarliamentarians agreed: a common European strategy for the future of the tourism sector is missing. After the intervention of Marianne Thyssen, European Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs, Capacity and Labor Mobility, the representatives of the parties made different proposals to develop a resolution of the Commission that will finally be voted on Thursday in the Eurocamara.

A text that seeks to fix the position of the European Union on what happened and which will include measures to mitigate the economic effects that bankruptcy has had in many of the Member States. The Europarliamentarians of the Popular Party (PP) were responsible for transferring the issue to the European Parliament, Rosa Estarás and Pablo Arias, both representatives of the PP, agreed to highlight the need to establish a common strategy for the sector. "The EU still does not have a clear voice ontourismand it is something that we have been claiming for a long time, "said critic Arias.

The popular also asked the EU to use the various community funds available to alleviate the serious consequences of bankruptcy. The Balearic MEP defended in its intervention to mobilize community instruments such as the European Social Fund (ESF), the Feder or the fund on the effects of globalization, to mitigate the effects on workers. The preparation of the European economy to cushion the fall of large companies and their effects, was another issue that Estarás highlighted during his speech.

Not only the Spanish representatives ofPPThey pointed out the need to configure a common policy and the use of European funds. Isabel García of the Socialist Party, integrated into the European Socialist and Democratic Party, coincided with the ideas of the popular. Garcia stressed during his speech that the Member States face "common challenges" in the sector, so the "joint strategy" is indispensable. The establishment of prevention and management mechanisms to protect workers, the promotion of companies and the concern for passenger safety were other aspects that the socialist wanted to include among the proposals.

The reinforcement of the air rights of EU passengers to prevent the effects that this type of bankruptcy may have was precisely one of the most repeated issues by the parliamentarians. The Commissioner explained from the beginning the possibility of revising the regulation on passenger rights, an issue proposed in 2015 but blocked by the Council. "Let's stop making excuses, this is the perfect opportunity to act," said Arias.

Thyssen, yesterday closed the turn of interventions after hearing all the opinions. The Commissioner acknowledged that the Commission would address the issue from a "multifaceted approach" in order to find the necessary solutions. He promised to study the EU endowment of a common tourism strategy within the framework of a horizontal policy. In addition, he explained that investments will be studied in a transversal way, from the different EU financing programs, since tourism is closely related to other economic sectors.

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