The bankruptcy competitions between the companies fall and they increase between individuals and autonomous | Economy

In 2018, for the fifth year in a row, the number of companies with debts that had a creditors' presence decreased, but for the third year families with bankruptcy increased. It was a very slight increase, of 0.8%, in light years of increases of 56% or 47% in the two previous years. Among families, companies and freelancers were 5,635 debtors bankrupt in 2018, 2.1% less than the previous year, according to this Thursday published by the INE.

The decline of competitions is due exclusively to business entities, since there were more bankruptcies both among families and among the self-employed. There were 4,131 companies bankrupt, 3.1% less. Among them, limited companies dominate, which were 3,337, 2.7% less than in 2017. Competition also fell among public limited companies, 13.6%, up to 367, and among other types of companies. Worse was the self-employed: 333 were those who declared themselves incapable of meeting their payments and debts, 18.9% more than the previous year, the third year followed by an increase.

It also increased, albeit very slightly, the number of families declared bankrupt. They were 1,504, 0.8% more than the previous year. Although it is the third year of consecutive increase, it is practically a stagnation, especially when compared with the increases of 56.1% in 2017 and 47.3% in 2016.

Of the total number of contests, the vast majority, 5,287, were voluntary, 1.5% less, and 348 needed, 9.1% less. Considering the type of procedure, the ordinary ones decreased by 14.4% and the abbreviated ones by 0.3%.

By activity, the two sectors most affected by the competitions were those of commerce, with 936, and construction, with 628. Between both, they account for 37.9% of the contests. However, in both cases there are fewer cases than in 2017, 0.1% less in the case of trade and 4.3% in the case of construction. On the other side, insolvencies in the hospitality sector increased by 8.9%, 256 cases, and in transportation and storage, 16.9%, up to a total of 201 contests.


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