The Bankia case resumes today with the interrogation of Rodrigo Rato

The Bankia case resumes today with the interrogation of Rodrigo Rato


The trial in the National Court by Bankia's IPO goes deep into today's case: try to clarify whether the 34 ex-directors and legal persons sitting in the dock were just bad managers or they also committed scam investors. After his lawyers tried to annul the case in the sessions of previous issues, held between last November and December, this Tuesday resumed the macrocause with the interrogation of the accused, starting with the former president of the entity, Rodrigo Rato.

The Anticorruption Prosecutor attributed to the former vice president of the Government; the former vice president of Bankia, José Luis Olivas; the ex-CEO, Francisco Verdú, and the ex-counselor José Manuel Fernández Norniella, the crime of fraud, considering that the information leaflet with which the bank went public in 2011 did not reflect the Faithful image of the entity to cheat investors. «The true situation of BFA-Bankia It was consciously hidden, "said the prosecutor of the case, Carmen Luana, in the first session of the trial on November 26.

Rato, who is already in prison serving a sentence of four and a half years for the cards «black» of Caja Madrid and Bankia, it will foreseeably deny the largest, also claiming that the supervisors were aware of the situation of the entity.

This is what the former minister defended a year ago before the congressional commission that investigated the crisis and bank rescue, whose epicenter was precisely the fourth bank in the country. «The Bank of Spain was aware of how Bankia was. And I do not say that I knew that Bankia was wrong, it was good, "he said then, even assuring that the supervisor sent a letter to each one of the seven boxes that formed Bankia, guaranteeing that their estimated losses were absorbable and that the FROB had been approving your quarterly accounts since 2010.

22,424 million public aid

Rato attributes the stock market crash BFA-Bankia, whose rescue involved the disbursement of 22,424 million in public aid, to the decrees promoted by the former Minister of Economy Luis de Guindos that forced out all the hidden arrears and the impact of a second unexpected recession by organisms. The ex-president of the entity sees irregular the reformulation of accounts of Bankia made after its rescue.

Both the Public Prosecutor's Office and the rest of the accusations will oppose the Rato version with the reports of the two inspectors of the Bank of Spain who worked as experts for the investigating judge, Víctor Sánchez and Antonio Busquets, and who conclude that the Bankia accounts did not reflect the true image of the accounting and patrimonial situation of the company. During the previous issues, a new report by Busquets added that the defenses, especially those of BFA and Bankia, are trying to dismantle.

While the private accusations They accuse to the thirty of exdirectives as much of fraud to the investors as of countable falsification, the Fiscalía only does it by the first of the crimes, although already advanced that could add falsification countable.

Anti-corruption would prevent the thirty people to whom Anticorruption does not attribute any crime for now could benefit from the Booty doctrine and get out of the cause. As the trial progresses, and although they continue to defend that the defendants were not responsible for the bank's demise, it is likely that the strategy of the defenses is to get them to be tried only for fraud, a crime that contemplates penalties of between one and four years.


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