The bank reduces its requests for funds to the ECB by more than 2,200 million

Spanish banks reduced their liquidity requests to the European Central Bank (ECB) by 2,211 million euros in January 2020, to 130.4 billion euros, which has remained at a minimum since June 2016.

The Bank of Spain published this Friday the Eurosystem financing data to credit institutions operating in Spain.

These data include loans called TLTRO (long-term loans), long-term loans under advantageous conditions granted to banks to inject capital into the economy in the form of loans to businesses and families.

According to the data, the requests for short-term funds were significantly reduced in January, to 74 million euros, compared to the 102 million requested at the end of 2019.

Regarding the euro area banks, their requests for financing to the ECB also fell in January to 616,175 million euros, almost 26,000 million less than in December.

The short-term liquidity requests of the group of entities in the euro area were reduced by 61%, to 1,436 million, compared to 3,716 million at the end of 2019.

According to the same data, the outstanding balance of the public debt and bond purchase program launched by the ECB, whose objective was to stimulate the European economy, stood at 335.495 million euros at the beginning of January, higher than the 332,324 million accounted for in December.

Central banks had allocated 2.641 billion to this asset program in January, an amount also exceeding 2,632 billion in December.


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