The bank, led by Liberbank and Bankia, once again suffered on the stock market

The bank, led by Liberbank and Bankia, once again suffered on the stock market

Spanish banking, led by Liberbank and Bankia, it turns around minutes after the opening and rises a slight 0.08%, given the lower pressure suffered by the banking sector, which is trying to recover from the significant falls suffered yesterday. The main national indicator, the IBEX 35, increases that 0.08%, to 8,896 points, with which the losses accumulated in the year are reduced to 11.41%.

In the week that ends today, the national market registers a drop of 0.10%. In Europe, the main markets are listed with a mixed sign, since Milan falls 0.40%, while Paris increases 0.06%, and London, 0.28%.

The Spanish bank, led by Liberbank and Bankia, suffers for the second consecutive day significant losses on the stock market after hearing the decision of the Supreme Court that it is the bank and not the customer who must pay the tax on legal acts documented in the signature of a mortgage.

Although in the early stages of today's session some of the Spanish banks tried to recover from the heavy losses registered yesterday, minutes later, pressure on the sector has worsened.

Thus, at 10.00, Liberbank leaves 5%, and Bankia, 4.34%, up to 2.84 euros per share. Sabadell also loses 3.57%; CaixaBank, 2.52%; BBVA, 2.10%; and Santander, 1.59%.

Unicaja also falls 1.91%; and Bankinter, 1.22%.

With these falls, Spanish banks expand the significant losses that were recorded in yesterday's session, which left more than 5,500 million capitalization. Banking was penalized by the possible impact that the decision of the high court could have on its accounts. Although it is difficult to ascertain the scope of this decision, the agency Moody's calculated an impact of between 3,500 and 4,000 million euros, an amount that other analysts raise.

Taking into account the volume of mortgages signed in Spain in the last four years with INE data, the impact could be up to 1,900 million.



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