The bank has granted 29% of the requested mortgage moratoriums

Spanish banks granted their clients 65,559 moratoriums on mortgage payments until April 30, 29% of the 228,322 requests they received, in accordance with the criteria established in the support measures for vulnerable families, workers and groups approved by government.

In a note sent this Friday, the Bank of Spain recalls that among these measures, which seeks to mitigate the impact of the coronavirus crisis, it also includes the moratorium on loans without mortgage guarantees, which was granted to 59,163 applicants, less than 19% of the 296,924 users who requested it.

The outstanding balance pending amortization of the suspended mortgages totaled, up to that date, 6,525 million euros, while that corresponding to the rest of credits, including consumer loans, stood at 585 million euros.

According to these data, prepared with the information sent to the Bank of Spain by financial institutions until last April 30, for both types of loans, more than 70% of the beneficiary and guarantor debtors are employees.

Regarding the self-employed, the breakdown by branches of activity shows that, for both types of debt, the main beneficiary sectors of the moratorium are commerce and hospitality, followed at some distance from other services, transport and construction.

Together they represent more than 70% of the total moratoriums that took place until that date, adds the note.


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