Fri. Apr 3rd, 2020

The Bangladeshi Prime Minister approaches the Islamists before the elections

The Bangladeshi Prime Minister approaches the Islamists before the elections

Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today attended a meeting with thousands of students of madrasahs or Koranic schools in Dhaka in what has been seen as an attempt to approach the traditionally distant Islamists before the elections scheduled for the end of the year. .

A group of educational councils from the Qawmi branch organized the meeting to thank the leader who last September approved a law recognizing the highest certificate of the religious education system, until then informal and without official recognition, as equivalent to a postgraduate degree.

"I believe that Islam is a religion about peace and the religion of brotherhood, so that those who teach Islam (…) should not be neglected," he said during the Hasina event of the Awami League, which traditionally He has kept his distance from the Islamist parties.

"I am looking for your blessing because we have elections before us, if Allah wishes it, it will definitely give me the opportunity to serve the people of Bangladesh again, if Allah does not want it, he will not give it and I will not have any regrets", concluded the leader. .

The event was led by the founder of the extremist Islamist party Hefazat Islami, Ahmed Shafi.

Months before the 2014 general elections, Hefazat Islami carried out violent protests against the Hasina government, which caused around fifty deaths, including many members of the security forces.

Bangladesh will hold elections before January 5, a poll that will take place with the opposition leader and leader of the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), Khaleda Zía, in jail after being sentenced in recent weeks to 17 years in prison in two cases for corruption.

The BNP and the ruling Awami League, inheriting parties of central figures of the 1971 war in which Bangladesh (then East Pakistan) became independent from Pakistan, have alternated in power in the last 25 years with the exception of a brief period of military tutelage.


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