September 19, 2020

The Balearic Islands get new bonuses for companies and workers under the ERTE

Palma de Mallorca



The president of the Balearic Government, the socialist Francina Armengol, announced this Monday that soon there will be greater labor protection in the Balearic Islands, for example through the application of the so-called Temporary Employment Regulation Records (ERTE) due to regrowth. Specific, bonuses of up to 80% will be added for those island companies affected by certain recent resolutions, among them the restrictive measures approved by the administrations to try to stop the cases of Covid-19 or the recommendations not to travel to Spain made by various countries.

As has been indicated, companies that are affected by government decisions that imply their possible closure will be able to take advantage of the ERTE for regrowth, a figure similar to the so-called ERTE due to force majeure, but with higher bonuses. Said bonuses will be 80% in the Social Security contributions in the case of companies with less than 50 workers and 60% for companies with 50 or more workers.

This protection mechanism, already in place, would benefit, for example, the nightlife companies, which have now been forced to close after having agreed in this way in the Interterritorial Health Council held last Friday. In addition, all those companies in the tourism sector that see themselves forced to close by certain decisions of foreign governments, as has happened recently with those of the United Kingdom and Germany, which have placed the Balearic Islands as a “risk area” due to the increase in cases of coronavirus and have recommended not to travel to the Islands.

Criticisms of the Government

In this context, Armengol has been asked about the criticisms that this weekend has made a part of the hotel sector to the Government, understanding that would not have explained the current situation to Germany well sanitary of the Islands. It should be remembered that the decision taken last Friday by Germany to advise against traveling to the Archipelago has meant a blow to the tourism sector islander, which already expects the closing of the first hotel establishments next weekend due to lack of customers.

«I can guarantee that from the Balearic Government hWe have worked intensively, from our possibilities, directly with the tourism sectors, tour operators and German diplomacy, and also obviously side by side with the Government of Spain, both with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and with the Ministry of Health so that they could explain, precisely, our real situation of accumulated incidence, ”the Balearic president stressed. Even so, “it is clear that Germany has made the decisions it has made based on your own information and his own sense of what he was going to do.

Island companies

During his appearance, Armengol also announced this Monday another measure that will benefit Balearic companies in the workplace. Specifically, the companies that until now received a 50% bonus for each permanent discontinuous worker who was in an ERTE, they may continue to receive said bonus even if that worker leaves the aforementioned situation. According to the Government, this new specific measure for the Islands will benefit some 75,000 workers of the community.

“These measures are very positive, since they reinforce the protection of workers and companies, and help to maintain the business and labor fabric of the Archipelago,” Armengol said, adding: “But we will continue working to continue strengthening this protection with measures that give a specific response to the singularities of the Balearic labor market ”.

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