The Balearic Government requests a tripartite dialogue to avoid the closure of Cémex

The Balearic Government requests a tripartite dialogue to avoid the closure of Cémex

The Balearic Government has today asked Cémex a tripartite negotiation that includes the workers' unions and the local and regional administration to avoid the closure of the cement factory in the Mallorcan town of Lloseta and guarantee the maintenance of the jobs.

The Minister of Labor, Commerce and Industry, Iago Negueruela; the general director of Labor, Social Economy and Occupational Health, Isabel Castro, and the mayor of Lloseta, Xema Muñoz, met this afternoon with representatives of Cemex and the workers, after the announcement of the multinational to restructure its business in Spain , to close two factories – that of Gádor (Almería) and Lloseta (Baleares) -, and to initiate an Employment Regulation File (ERE).

At the meeting, the workers explained the situation of the company and, with the support expressed by the Balearic Executive, they asked for a joint worksheet.

Negueruela is committed to working with them "to ensure the City Council for the maintenance of jobs and a company of the size and importance of Cemex in a town like Lloseta and the impact it may have."

Negueruela has pointed out that the Government will also support any action taken by the trade unions in defense of their jobs.

On the margin of negotiation in relation to the closure of the factory, the counselor has admitted that "when this type of decision is made by multinational companies must take into account the difficulties involved."

The objective is "that the closure of the company does not occur".

According to Negueruela, union representatives have indicated at the meeting that they believe that "the island is a profitable factory and produces enough to justify its maintenance." "We support that position," stressed the regional Labor responsible.

This morning, Mallorcan factory workers have concentrated with posters of "Cémex close to treason" and "Mallorca needs industry".


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