The Balearic Court files the latest complaint by the police who harassed a Palma councilor for being a lesbian

The Provincial Court of the Balearic Islands has decreed the file of the latest complaint filed by several police officers against the former agent and current councilor for Social Justice of the Palma City Council, Sonia Vivas. These are the same former colleagues from the Local Police who, “moved by their hatred and contempt” for Vivas’ homosexual condition, abused her for being a lesbian, some facts for which they ended up being convicted, with a final judgment of the Supreme Court, for crimes of coercion, false report and false testimony.

Sonia Vivas: "They discriminated against me in the Police for being a lesbian, they mistreated me because of my sexual orientation with ridicule and harassment"

Sonia Vivas: “They discriminated against me in the Police for being a lesbian, they mistreated me because of my sexual orientation with ridicule and harassment”

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The magistrates of the Second Section of the Hearing, by means of an order to which has had access, have thus definitively filed the complaint with which the agents accused the mayor of Podemos of using the same medical reports against them that the ex-police officer had used another case in order to give credibility to the damages suffered as a result of the harassment.

“We do not appreciate any maneuver aimed at deception, manipulation, concealment of the truth, its falsification, nor the crime of false testimony,” says the court decision bluntly, which confirms, in this way, the order with which The Court of Instruction number 1 of Palma filed last May the last case that remained open against Vivas.

In his decision, now firm, the judge who dismissed the investigations in the first instance asserted that the crime of procedural fraud that the police attributed to Vivas requires the launching of “a plot that needs complex development” that should have started with the presentation, before a court, of “a false request in order to induce him to satisfy his claims [las del denunciante], which, correlatively, could cause damage to the person against whom the process is directed. “All this, moreover, through a” staging “supported by” unfair and tortious premises “, which the judge points out that it did not happen in the case of Vivas.

The instructor ruled out, thus, that the councilor made use of “tricks, inaccuracies and falsehoods” in her complaint against the police officers and that she sought with them to deceive the judge and “try to obtain an unfair sentence knowing the falsehood of her claims” . Likewise, it affirmed that the medical documents that Vivas presented “do not appear manipulated either in their writing, or in their dates, or in any section of them, which is why they could hardly mislead the magistrates of the Provincial Court” who they prosecuted the policemen.

Both the Prosecutor’s Office and the councilor herself had requested the dismissal of the investigations, considering that at no time was there an attempt at fraud, nor was there any will to condition the magistrates.

The Court, now, endorses the conclusions of the investigating judge and puts an end to the judicial ‘way of the cross’ to which, over the last few years, she has been subjected by those who humiliated her for being a lesbian. “My stalkers have persecuted me to the end. Multiple complaints and the use of justice to destroy me,” the former local police stated in May as soon as she learned about the file of the latest complaint that weighed on her.

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It should be remembered that the police officers filed their complaint through the Association of Victims for Judicial Arbitrariness (JAVA), which brings together dozens of local police officers who, according to their defense, were harmed by the arrests and imprisonments carried out when the so-called Cursach case It was going through its most critical moments, with former judge Manuel Penalva and former prosecutor Miguel Ángel Subirán at the head of the investigations. It so happens that, at present, Penalva is on the verge of trial due to the alleged leaks to the press carried out when the case was under summary secrecy.

The mayor, who on her website attributes the harassment to the fact of being “a lesbian woman who lives her life with the naturalness of diversity as a flag”, decided to take to court the continuous mistreatment to which she claimed to be subjected due to her sexual orientation . His complaint became part of the multiple lines of investigation into which the Cursach case was detached, which, in essence, focused his instruction on an alleged police plot of extortion and favor deals aimed at safeguarding the businesses of the night magnate Bartolomé Cursach. The macrocause is now pending prosecution, with 24 defendants on the bench and requests for conviction totaling more than one hundred years in prison.

Meanwhile, the Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court, with Judge Carmen Lamela as rapporteur, confirmed sentences of three years and five months in prison and one year and three months for the two accused of humiliating Vivas, considering it proven that police officers turned her homophobic attitude into the usual way of relating to her. “They carried out acts such as naming him and calling him scissors, holding hands to his genitals with obscene acts, making jokes about homosexuals in his presence so that he could hear them and making fun of her,” the sentence detailed. According to the high court, the agents even tried to make Vivas lose his place in the Local Police.

Last April, the ex-police officer published a letter in which she addressed the police officers who, “for years, have kidnapped the Palma Local Police. Justice for the harassment I suffered, you turned my day to day into the greatest torture “. The mayor released the letter after the Palma City Council opened investigations to find out if on the night of April 13 an allegedly illegal party had been held inside the Local Police station in which the two police officers denounced by homophobia The investigations resulted in the relief of the two responsible for the shift and with three sanction proceedings due to the unauthorized presence of both police officers as well as a third party investigated in the context of the Cursach case.

The harassment started in the nighttime heavy motorized unit

In his letter, Vivas lashed out harshly against those who opened the doors of the police station “to criminals who have served and will serve a sentence again for mistreating me for years in the same barracks where you receive them with laughter, hugs and praise.” And he continued: “To those of you who have gagged all the honest and honest policemen, while you point a pistol at the head of the entire system of law. To those who sow fear outside and also inside. report harassment that many of you were aware of. ”

Pedagogue and social educator and expert in forensic sciences and health law, the professional career of Vivas, a firm activist in favor of feminism, was forged in an eminently masculine environment, that of the Palma police force, which she joined in 2004 after being part of a promotion of 90 applicants in which she was the only woman. In 2007 he entered the night heavy motorized unit. There, and from that moment on, as the Supreme Court considers accredited, the harassment began.

In his latest book, ‘They came for me’ (2021, Editorial Península), the mayor recounts the spiral of harassment in which she was involved for about ten years and the psychological affectation that ended up weighing her down. Vivas specialized in crimes against fundamental freedoms and created and led the only unit for the protection of diversity in the Balearic Islands – the hate crime service. In 2018 he entered the ranks of Podemos and, the following year, he attended the municipal elections as number two on the party’s lists in Palma.

Since in 2016 she decided to take to court the continuous mistreatment that she claimed to be suffering due to her sexual orientation, the former agent’s battle to expose the harassment of her colleagues has gone through mined ground: the ex-police officer has had to face several complaints in her against and defend herself, she assures, from a police set-up aimed at isolating her, chastising her and discrediting her. All complaints have been archived.


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