The 'Baifo' and 'Tara del Mar' boats, for inclusion and equality

The Councilor for Equality and Diversity of the City Council of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Mari Carmen Reyes, has held various meetings with two Canarian Latin Sailing teams to support from the consistory actions to promote equality and LGTBI + rights in sport.

The first of the boats, Baifos en el Mar, aims to promote LGTBI + integration through an inclusive team that welcomes all types of sexual orientation or identity that share the fight for the rights of the community and the love of sport. The club tries to bring this indigenous sport closer to all those who are looking for a team sport, giving visibility to the LGTBI + collective in a practice that is recognized as an Asset of Cultural Interest.

The second boat, the Tara del Mar, was established in 1998 to compete as a Latin Sailing women's sports club, with the aim of guaranteeing the participation of women. Facing the new season, the challenge is to work with the group of underage women, using sport as a tool for social reintegration, helping them find alternatives and channel their experiences in a healthy way.


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