Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

The bad time of Pablo Motos with the actors of 'La casa de papel'

‘El Hormiguero’: El mal trago de Pablo Motos por culpa de Jaime Lorente

The week began in
The Hormiguero
with the visit of two of the most media actors of the moment. Jaime Lorente Y María Pedraza they visited the program Pablo Motorcycles to talk about the new movie they star. Although the presenter suffered again joke of your guests because of your personal life.

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The two protagonists of
Who would you take to a desert island?
, are world-famous stars thanks to their roles in series such as Elite and the phenomenon The paper house, both from Netflix. The actors explained when they realized of the tremendous success they were experiencing thanks to the most diverse situations.

'El Hormiguero': Jaime Lorente and María Pedrada took Motorbikes' hair in their interview

'El Hormiguero': Jaime Lorente and María Pedrada took Motorbikes' hair in their interview

But the guests of The Hormiguero They are not only great interpreters, they have also explored other artistic disciplines. María had a past in the world of classical dance and explained how hard the classes are. Motos was very shocked to know that it was common for her toenails to fall.

Jaime, meanwhile, has knocked down the image of 'malote' that has been won thanks to the roles he has starred. To the surprise of many viewers he has written a book of poetry and even dared to recite one live, with special dedication to his girlfriend, who accompanied him in the interview.

But Pablo Motos started the interview with the two young stars badly. Just a few seconds had passed when the Valencian began to ask the guests about his private life. Specific, was interested in the love story that they starred in the filming of Elite
and then they took to real life.

"Who took the first step to fall in love?" Asked the presenter of El Hormiguero. Jaime Lorente became elusive, but finally agreed to talk about their relationship. "To speak of this, now that we have left it", was the phrase that made Pablo stay frozen. The rest of the anecdote can be seen in the following video.

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