Thu. Apr 9th, 2020

The bad fortune of Nathalie Poza with robberies

‘El Hormiguero’: La mala suerte de Nathalie Poza con los atracos

The Hormiguero
started the week with the actors Hugo Silva Y Nathalie Poza, who presented the movie
70 Binladens
that will arrive at theaters next Friday, March 8. Both have told Pablo Motos what have been the most dangerous situations that have happened in his life. The actress has surprised everyone with the amount of robberies who has lived

The Hormiguero began Monday a week full of great guests, among whom are the actors Ben Affleck and Oscar Isaac, who will star on Tuesday. Wednesday will be the day of the Javis, on a night in which Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrossi will talk about their new projects. The program will close the week with the visit of the singer Ana Torroja.

'El Hormiguero': Hugo Silva and Nathalie Poza enter a car on the set

'El Hormiguero': Hugo Silva and Nathalie Poza enter a car on the set

The night began with the spectacular entrance of the two guests entering the set up on a car. The reason was that Hugo Silva received the card that accredits him as Platinum guest of the program. The actor has attended the Antena 3 program 15 times. Motoros gave him his card with which he could ask the team to wish it.

Nathalie Poza explained to Pablo Motos that for his role in the film 70 Binladens They wanted their character to have "a great visual impact" to give life to a robber. The detail of his eye, which is made of glass on tape, It arose out of chance between a football match that they lived in a hotel in Bilbao and a photo of a one-eyed cat that inspired the live of the movie.

Poza has revealed his bad luck, at least during a period of his life, in which he lived up to three robberies in his parents' house. The actress remembered that she got to see the faces with one of the robbers in the elevator. "He looked a little like his character," referring to his movie partner.

Hugo Silva admitted to having suffered some kind of encounter in the late 80's and early 90's. Later he wanted to joke with Trancas and Barrancas saying that he did not dock, he asked for it. "You give me the wallet or I blow it, please," joked the guest actor tonight in The Hormiguero

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