The "Baby Trump" flies over the border with Mexico very close to the president

The "Baby Trump" flies over the border with Mexico very close to the president

A balloon that presents US President Donald Trump as a baby flew a few steps from the wall that divides Calexico (California) and Mexico, a few miles from where the president offered his speech on Friday during his brief stay in the area.

In this city, with 85% Hispanic of all its population, the visit of Trump generated great expectation among supporters and detractors, and is because many of the residents do not remember the last time that a president of the country was in this community.

"Possibly since Reagan", try to guess a protester.

The peculiar balloon expressed the discomfort of many locals who usually cross the border and do not forgive the president's intention to close this step, something that, Trump reiterated today, will do so if necessary.

Maritza Hurtado, former mayor of Calexico, indicated that it was precisely this threat that motivated them to demonstrate. "We need you to listen to us, it was enough," he said.

The supposed closure keeps this city in suspense, whose economy depends largely on trade and tourism that comes from the neighboring country.

That is why many took to the streets, because they say that the authorities must understand that "there are people who live inside that conversation".

"When I heard of the threat of closing this border, I knew we had to fight," Hurtado added to dozens of protesters gathered in the parking lot of a shopping center, a few steps from the border fence that hours later was visited by the president.

Trump has already backed off and gave the Mexican government a year to stop the drug trafficking that arrives at the border, or else, threatened, will impose tariffs.

"It does not make sense to close a border, because of the flow of money more than anything, the economic impact would be too great," said Alicia Smith, a resident of El Centro, California, where Trump was on Friday.

"What are the cities of Calexico and Mexicali (Mexico) do not live without one another," said Smith.

The presence of the "Baby Trump" attracted dozens of onlookers who did not miss the opportunity to take a souvenir photo.

William Johnson, activist of the Backbone San Diego organization, responsible for carrying the already known "inflatable" of large dimensions, said that it is a response to the behavior of the president.

"(The president) is a child when it comes to his policies," he told Efe Johnson, referring to Trump's insistence on closing the border with Mexico, a position he described as "a tantrum."

"I feel that this baby should follow him wherever he goes, to remind him to stop behaving like a child," the activist added.

One lady echoed with a sign labeled: "This boy lacked the flip flop," the woman showed.

During a visit to El Centro, Trump said today that the country "can not accept" more asylum seekers because "it is full," and hinted that Mexico should deport undocumented immigrants who arrive at the common border to seek refuge in national territory. .

Last October, the government completed the installation of just over two miles from the new border fence, 30 feet (9 meters) in height, more than double the previous one.

Recently, this fence was reinforced with barbed wire, both at the top and the bottom, to prevent escalations of migrants.

For residents, however, these measures are not necessary.

"I do not agree with the walls, anyway, people keep crossing," said Diana Sánchez, from the neighboring city of El Centro.

"They are exaggerating, this is very calm," he said.

After waiting in the sun for almost three hours and after a peaceful demonstration, former Mayor Hurtado warned by speaker that the president had changed routes, so he would not pass in front of the street where he was expected, both his supporters and detractors, and therefore it would not be "face to face" with the "Baby Trump" either.

This generated disappointment of all expected the president.

One of the curious, who parked his van in front of the balloon, listened to the volume on the local radio, eager to know more about this visit.

On that radio, a female voice expressed emotion for having only seen the presidential plane.

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