The baby car seats that the OCU recommends not to use for "insecure" – The Province

The baby car seats that the OCU recommends not to use for "insecure" - The Province

Safety in the vehicle is paramount. And even more if it goes with small children. Babies should be well-suited to the car seat to avoid suffering any injury no matter how small the blow or incident has been. The Organization of Consumers and Users has issued an informative alert through its digital portal on the risks of buying a certain model of baby chair that "is unsafe".

He They have detected problems with the metal protection bars. "During the frontal crash test, with the dummy that simulates a child of 1 year and a half, the Babystyle Oyster + Base Duofix Isize chair is detached from the base and projected forward, exposing the child to a risk of Serious damage This is because the metal bars that should hold the chair to the base are out of their plastic guide during the collision, as we can see in the following images ", warn from the report of the OCU (A few months ago he reported on potentially carcinogenic conditions in infantile balms).

"In OCU we continuously analyze the car seats for children, comparing different market models, their features, their characteristics and, most importantly, their safety. In the last analysis we are doing two products have been unsafe in the frontal crash tests: Babystyle Oyster + Base Duofix Isize and Chicco Oasys i-Size + Base i-Size ", point from the organization." The model of car seat for children Babystyle Oyster + Base Duofix Isize is not found in Spanish stores, although it could be purchased online. The Chicco Oasys i-Size + i-Size Base can be purchased with a trio set, specifically with the Chicco Trio Style Go Up and Love Up Trio sets.

As well a break in the plastic buckle has been detected in the Chicco Oasys i-Size + Base i-Size. "· We found during the frontal crash test that a buckle that holds the harness of the chair breaks and the dummy that simulates the child is no longer subject by the harness so, in case of a serious accident, children can suffer damage serious ", declare (in this link we show you the dangerous customs behind the wheel).

The OCU remember that both chairs "are homologated and are legal". But he also points out that "the manufacturer Chicco has recognized the failure of his chair, which is produced in the models distributed as of September 27, 2018. A free replacement campaign for the defective part will begin. If you have this model you can call to get informed at 900 720 408 or contact directly through the Chicco website. "

The Organization of Consumers and Users finalize recommended that "if you have one of these two models of car seats for children is that you stop using them".


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