The AVT warns that a failure of Strasbourg may lead to the "imminent" release of 10 ETA prisoners

The AVT warns that a failure of Strasbourg may lead to the "imminent" release of 10 ETA prisoners

This association explained in a video released on Saturday that the ruling of the Court of Strasbourg can cause 21 ETA members are cut their stay in prison and ten of them go "imminently released", a possibility to which the AVT claims "justice" .

According to the AVT, the claim of these ETA members before the Court of Strasbourg is "inadmissible", since the domestic judicial process in Spain has not been exhausted. From this association of victims add that the condemned intend to "accumulate foreign sentences for subsequent events to the courts in Spain."

The AVT considers that the penalties on these terrorists do not correspond to a retroactive application of the Law on exchange of information on criminal records and consideration of criminal judgments in the European Union, but with "an interpretation of the Criminal Code and the Law of Prosecution Criminal "Spanish that is" viable "with community law.

Thus, they stress that there is no "violation" of their right to freedom, since the former components of ETA, which has been definitively dissolved this year, "are in prison for serious acts tried and sentenced."


Among the members of the armed group that could benefit from this ruling, the AVT points to three of those who would be released: Rufino Arriaga, who carries a sentence in Spain to 20 years in prison and who already served a sentence in France to five years and eight months; Agurtzane Delgado, who served six years and 10 months in prison in France and was sentenced to 18 years in Spain; and Asier 'Kepa' Aginako, sentenced to eight years in Spain and a prisoner of seven years and eight months in the French country.

Arriaga belonged to the Madrid Command of the gang, which placed a car bomb in the neighborhood of Vallecas with the death of six people and caused 17 injuries, and Delgado was implicated as an accomplice in the murder of Ricardo Tejero, director of the Central Bank .


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