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The average salary reached almost 2,040 gross euros per month at the end of 2018 | Economy

Uncertainty and economy | Economy

Recovery of salaries continues at a leisurely pace. At the end of last year they rose by 0.9%, thus reaching 2,039.01 gross euros per month (including ordinary and extraordinary remuneration), according to the quarterly labor cost survey of the INE. This year-on-year increase is one of the highest in the last three years, but it is much lower than in the immediately previous quarter (1.9%). Both percentages are repeated when the social contributions and other charges are added to the salary, and the full labor cost is set, which amounted to 2,692.5 euros gross.

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At the end of 2017 and the first half of 2018, the annual increase remained at 0.7%. But in the summer he took a big leap. However, it is likely that this great difference is closely linked to the late approval of last year's budgets, which meant a 1.5% increase in the salary of public employees and a compensation payment for the delay of that increase. The quarterly labor cost survey is analyzed the salaries of employees which are included in the general scheme and that includes a good part of public workers, although not all of them.

In the slow takeoff of the average salary, according to what this statistic indicates, it influences the high job creation of last year and previous years. As the newly hired are normally hired with lower salaries, when incorporated in a large number the result of this series is impaired. However, there are indications that the exclusive salary of those who already have a job is growing somewhat. For example, if we observe the data of the registry of agreements, we can see that the salaries of the employees increased to 1.76% at the end of 2018.

By sectors, the traditional differences in the salaries of each sector are repeated. The industry is the one that pays higher salaries, 2,448.34 euros gross per month, and services, the least, 1,965.03 euros.


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