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The average salary grows at the fastest pace in a decade and is 1,944.42 euros per month

In 2008, even with the economy growing strongly, the average gross salary in Spain He stood at 1,944.42 euros per month, 55.47 euros more than the previous year after growing 2.9%, the largest increase in ten years. Thus, they played an all-time high in the Decil series of salaries of the job principal from the EPA published by the National Statistics Institute (INE), which dates back to 2006 and updated the agency this Friday.

In any case, this figure is very far depending on sex, type of working day, employment, experience … The INE notes that 30% of workers – 4.8 million people – charge less than 1,260.9 euros, 40% of employees – 6.4 million people – earned between 1,260.9 and 2,187.2 euros in 2018 and 30% – 4.8 million people – more than 2,187.2 euros.


Strong differences based on sex, work, type of working day …

If the focus is on men and women, the salary rises to 2,161.3 euros for men, 70.7 euros more, while women charge on average 1,708.4 euros, 39.7 euros more. In this way, the difference in the average salary, which could be read as the gender gap, it increases: women charge on average 452.9 euros less than men, who concentrate the highest salaries. The difference is 20.9%.

“One of the main reasons for these inequalities in average salary and salary distribution between men and women is that they work part-time, with temporary contracts and in less paid branches of activity in greater proportion than men,” says the INE. In fact, 41.1% of women charge less than 1,260.9 euros, something that occurs in 19.7% of cases among men.

A worker in a vehicle plant

A worker in a vehicle plant
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There are 453 euros of difference in the average of men and women

The average of 1,944 euros is not a salary that is extended. The statistic orders all salaries that are charged in Spain from lowest to highest and are divided into ten equal groups, deciles. In this way, you can see how the medium salary, which is right in the middle of all wages, is 1,642 euros, 52 euros more than the previous year, which means that half of Spain charges less than that amount.

The market again generates big differences between fixed and temporary
. Workers with an indefinite contract charged an average of 2,142.2 euros, while those with a temporary contract charged 1,389.7 euros. The INE blames the difference to the “highest educational level of the undefined” and the greater weight of the storms in branches with more seasonality and lower salaries.

Image of a telephone office

Image of a telephone office

By sectors

Domestic staff has the worst salary, with 750 euros on average

In this sense, by job type, the highest salaries Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning (on average 3,633.5 euros) and financial and insurance activities (3,350.6 euros) are provided in the branch. On the other side, household activities as employers of domestic staff, with an average of 750.2 euros; hospitality, with 1,235.1 euros; and agriculture, livestock, forestry and fishing (1,249.8 euros) is where less is charged.

In any case, what is charged will also depend on the antiquity. In the first year, an average of 1,343.7 euros is charged, while beyond ten years, 2,448.4 euros are charged. It also affects the since it occupies within the company. The directors and managers are the ones who charge the most, with 4,102 euros, followed by scientific and intellectual technicians and professionals, with about 2,979.6 euros. The least paid are the elementary occupations, with an average of 1,103.5 euros and the group of catering, personal, protection and sales workers, with 1,406.8 euros.


Madrid and Extremadura, the two faces of Spain

By autonomies, the ones that have The highest average salary in the main job was Madrid (2,264.6 euros), Basque Country (2,241.8 euros) and Catalonia (2,067.6 euros). On the contrary, the lowest average salaries were observed in Extremadura (1,612.3 euros), the Canary Islands (1,679.3 euros) and Andalusia (1,749.0 euros).

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