Sat. Apr 4th, 2020

The average age to share a flat in Spain rises in a year from 29 to 34 years

The average age of Spaniards who share or are looking for housing to share has passed, in just one year, from 29 to 34 years and the main reason for sharing remains the inability to not be able to pay the full payment of the rent of an apartment, according to a report by Fotocasa.

The age segment that shares the most floor in Spain is between 25 and 34 years (39%), followed by 18 and 24 years (25%), 35 and 44 years (15%), 45 and 54 years (11%), and finally the age range between 55 and 75 years (9%).

The director of Fotocasa Studies, Beatriz Toribio, explains that this increase in the age of people who share a living is due to the increase in demand in the rental market and the increase in prices.

The study also states that although the main reason for sharing remains the economic inability to face a full rental, this has increased from 56% in 2018 to 37% in 2019.

The community of Madrid has the most floor searches to share during 2019, with 21%, behind Andalusia (20%), Catalonia (15%), Valencian Community (9%) and Basque Country (3 %).

Despite the search data of Andalusia, the data from the Fotocasa Real Estate Index continue to place Madrid and Barcelona as the most expensive communities to pay a full rent. Thus, both concentrate 36% of the total demand for floor searches.

Among the main difficulties that have been found in the process of searching for Spaniards, the study points to high prices (67%); the poor state of the houses (48%); the shortage of offers in the market (36%); the age of the floors (33%); as well as their location (24%).

As for the rest of the reasons that push to share, the study highlights that 24% of the tenants consider that sharing housing is a formula that adapts to their needs, followed by that of allocating money in other things (18%), not finding anything better (18%), or wanting to live together (16%).

It also highlights the average time that tenants took to find housing, in which it details that 41% did so during the first two weeks of searching, followed by 14% that took a week.

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