The autumn reaches the Canarian thermometers – The Province

The autumn reaches the Canarian thermometers - The Province

After the rainfall that fell yesterday in the Canary Islands, the State Meteorological Agency foresees that the situation along this Friday, October 19, is similar, although it understands that there will be a decrease in temperatures, especially in the minimum.

The rains will continue to be weak in most of the Archipelago, although they could reach slightly moderate in the second half of the day in the Islands of greater relief. To this is added, according to the Aemet, the possibility of gusts of strong wind.

This situation will be a continuation of the one registered yesterday, when the precipitations were intermittent in almost all the Islands. Several municipalities in the province of Las Palmas have accumulated the most precipitation, with up to 20 liters per square meter in Teror and more than 60 liters per square meter in the areas of mediocrities. The wind picked up strength in Vallehermoso, with 80 kilometers per hour, while the temperatures oscillated between the 8.6 degrees of Izaña and 26.6 of and Tuineje.


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