Sat. Aug 17th, 2019

The autumn, more present than ever in the first trailer of 'Frozen 2'

El otoño, más presente que nunca en el primer tráiler de ‘Frozen 2’

Frozen 2 is getting closer to being a reality. Disney has made public this Tuesday the first trailer of the long awaited sequel. A second part that has been done to pray, because it captivated the public in 2013, but will hit the Spanish undercard in November.

In the advance you can see Elsa braver than ever, facing the sea with its icy powers. But it's not the only thing that has drawn attention to the fans, who have also noticed their change of attire. And the girl has decided to change the skirt for pants. In the networks, there are several users who have noticed this detail, which many have applauded when seeing it as a feminist wink.

Fans have noticed Elsa's change of clothes, which has replaced the skirt with pants

At the moment there is no official synopsis of the film, but everything points to autumn will have a lot to do in the plot. The track is in the video itself, which abounds with landscapes full of fallen leaves so typical of this time of year.

But the curiosity goes further, and is that Twitter is wondering what are the expectations of love Elsa, because there is a theory that this character could be homosexual. Some doubts that they hope to see clarified in this new film, and with which many want it to become a symbol of the LGBT movement.

In the advance you can see Elsa braver than ever, facing the sea with its icy powers

Although the animation studio has offered the first images on Wednesday, the fans have known little, and are looking forward to a second advance to make time until the release date.

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