The autopsy will determine if before suffocating his daughters Tomás Gimeno slept them

Anna and Olivia, ages 1 and 6, did not leave their father's house alive. The Civil Guard believes that Thomas Gimeno he killed his daughters between 8 and 8:45 p.m. on April 27. Because Beatriz, the mother, arrived at 9 and couldn't find them. Gimeno arrived by car at the port, the guard who opened the barrier did not see the girls in the car. Neither did the security cameras, which did capture his coming to leave six packages in the boat, including two large diving mats. Upon seeing the images, the investigators suspected that he was carrying the bodies of his daughters there.

They found blisters of medicines in the dining room of the house

Everything indicates that Tomás Gimeno killed his daughters without leaving a trace of blood. No blood of Olivia and Anna in the boat, or in the car, or in the house in Candelaria (Tenerife) where he took them after picking them up from the grandparents' house on the last day they were seen alive, on May 27. But the Civil Guard investigators, who registered that address up to five times, helped by the canine agents Rush Y Bill, they found several blisters of medicines there, as this newspaper has learned.

The containers were half, many pills had been taken. Some were calming and some were muscle relaxants. And they were also in view, placed and open on a table in the dining room of the house. That is why the Civil Guard believes that on May 27, Tomás Gimeno drugged his daughters before killing them, putting them in two large duffel bags, transporting them in his car to the Marina Tenerife port, putting them on his boat and then throwing them into the sea.

Ninety minutes

The girls would have arrived with their father at the house around eight in the afternoon. The man was still living there after his wife and the girls' mother decided to separate from him the previous summer. At half past nine, Tomás Gimeno arrived alone in his car at the Marina Tenerife port. There he loaded six packages onto his boat. Two of them were the big duffel bags. In the images of the security cameras, his daughters are not seen at any time. The harbor watchman didn't see them either.

The body of the eldest daughter, Olivia, age six, was recovered Thursday afternoon from more than 1,000 meters deep. It was inside one of the duffel bags. Nearby was the other, open and empty. They had both been tied to the anchor of the boat by Tomás Gimeno when we have the information. The girl's body was transferred to the Forensic Anatomical Institute, where an autopsy will be performed. It is hoped that this test can determine if the girl was drugged.

American tape

Researchers and experts on board of the ship Angeles Alvariño They try to find the body of little Anna, one year old, underwater. And also that of his father and supposed murderer, Tomás Gimeno. In the boat, which appeared adrift the next morning, the Civil Guard also recovered a used roll of duct tape, used to pack or tie. Also missing is a lead belt used to go down fast to dive. He weighs about eight kilos and was also in the boat when Gimeno went sailing for the second time that night.

Two months and a week before kidnapping his daughters, Tomás Gimeno had had an accident on Father's Day, while practicing motocross in the Güímar circuit. He injured his collarbone and several ribs, so he had access to those drugs that he was able to use to drug his daughters before killing them.


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