The "autonomy" in the supply of raw materials, among the proposals of Castilla-La Mancha to receive more European funds

The Minister of Economy, Business and Employment of Castilla-La Mancha, Patricia Franco, announced this Wednesday that digital transformation and autonomy in the supply of raw materials will be "priorities" for the region when it comes to receiving new European funds.

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This was in response to the letter sent by the Vice President of the Government of Spain Nadia Calviño to the regional president, Emiliano García-Page, in which she invites the autonomous community to participate in the preparation of the addendum to the Recovery Plan that the central Government will present in the second half of the year.

Castilla-La Mancha is going to transmit the "concern" that the country has "autonomy in the supply of raw materials", according to Europa Press. In the context of the energy supply crisis caused "by a war in Europe that affects us directly", Franco stressed the importance of having alternative routes that guarantee supplies to Europe.

In this sense, the counselor highlighted that Spain "does not have such a marked dependency on Russia", indicating that this will be a fundamental orientation of the Castilian-Manchego contribution to the addendum.

Likewise, the counselor has stated that Castilla-La Mancha shares the line of action of the Plan of the Government of Spain aimed at digital transformation, "especially in the most depopulated areas". An orientation that, according to what she has declared, coincides with the actions of the Government of Emiliano García-Page and comes to underpin the strategies aimed at avoiding depopulation.

Proposals may be submitted to the addendum to the Recovery Plan until September 15 and the regional Executive teams are already developing a specific proposal.

What does the addendum to the Recovery Plan entail?

The addendum will reinforce the impact of the Recovery Plan as of 2023, and will include the reforms and investments that will be financed from the loans of the Next Generation-EU mechanism that correspond to Spain, as well as the definitive allocation of transfers to our country that was known on June 30, as well as the additional transfers of the REPowerEU regulation project.

Following the guidelines of the European Commission, the addendum to the Recovery Plan will give continuity to the reforms and investments proposed in the document, in line with the strategic objectives of ecological transition, digital transformation, social and territorial cohesion and gender equality and with the focus on strategic autonomy.

In the letter, sent to all the presidents of the autonomous communities and cities, the vice president highlights the key role of the autonomies in the execution of the Recovery Plan and invites all regional leaders to send their proposals before September 15 , in order to identify the sectoral priorities and strategic projects to be reinforced with the transfers and credits available from European funds.

Castilla-La Mancha has already received more than 780 million from the Recovery Plan

The Government of Castilla-La Mancha has already received more than 780 million euros for investments in its territory, in addition to the intense participation of companies, universities and research centers in the PERTE (Strategic Projects for Economic Recovery and Transformation) and the rest of the calls managed by the State.

In her letter to the Castilian-Manchego president, the vice president has conveyed that she hopes that Castilla-La Mancha will participate in RETECH, the initiative of the Digital Spain agenda to articulate Territorial Networks of Technological Specialization, so that the projects proposed by the autonomous communities that they have not had a place in the national PERTE and, at the same time, contribute to the structuring, not only territorial, but also digital of Spain.

"Faced with the new geopolitical challenges, this addendum will allow us to reinforce the transformation of our country into a green and digital key that is already underway and to advance social and territorial cohesion and gender equality, with a reinforced focus on strategic autonomy", highlights the vice president.

Given the current geopolitical context, the investments must reinforce the strategic projects under way and concentrate the investments on reinforcing the strategic autonomy of Spain and Europe in terms of energy, agri-food, technological and digital security.

New fund for the autonomous communities

Given the growing challenges that are being registered in the international sphere and that most of the funds of the Addendum to the Plan will be credits that must be reimbursed to the EU, it is necessary to establish an adequate framework for financial management by the different administrations.

For this reason, the Government is working on the constitution of a fund so that the autonomous governments can articulate investments in their territory charged to the credits mobilized with the addendum.

This fund is added to the different instruments already available for investments promoted by the Autonomous Communities, through the almost 16,000 million euros of transfers, complementary science programs, pilot projects in the field of social and inclusion policies, and the new RETECH program for the deployment of technological innovation networks.

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