July 30, 2021

The autonomous communities will manage the payment of the new social thermal bond

The autonomous communities will manage the payment of the new social thermal bond

The management and payment of the thermal bond that the Government has created and that will be covered by the General State Budget (PGE) will correspond to the autonomous communities, although this winter, given the short term, will be the Ministry for the Ecological Transition who makes the payment of the aid.

The Royal decree-law of the Government of urgent measures for the energy transition and consumer protection, published today in the Official State Gazette (BOE), indicates that, "given the calendar in which we find ourselves, the need for the Social thermal bond reaches its recipients in winter requires that this year 2018 the payment of aid be made by the Ministry ".

The text explains that, as the social bonus is a direct aid charged to the Budgets and a social assistance action, competition assumed by the autonomous communities, corresponds to these their management, without prejudice to the competence that the legislator has to establish the criteria and methodology for the distribution and calculation of the aid.

Thus, the royal decree-law states that the Ministry will calculate the territorial distribution of the available budget in each year for the thermal bond and will transfer to the communities the amounts for their payment, together with the information of the beneficiaries and the amounts that correspond to them.

The communities will pay the aid in the first quarter of the year in the form they deem most appropriate, and in the communications and procedures they do in relation to the thermal bond they must specify that the aid is granted from the budget of the Ministry for the Ecological Transition .

The autonomous governments may increase the amount of the thermal bond charged to their budgets and in that case, they must specify the percentage of co-financing.

According to the royal decree-law, the minimum aid of the thermal bond per beneficiary will be 25 euros and, thereafter, the amount will be determined by the degree of vulnerability of the beneficiary and the climatic zone in which the home of each beneficiary is located.

The latter will be identified according to the altitude above sea level of the town where the house is located and the capital of its province, according to the values ​​of the Technical Building Code.

The help of the thermal bond for a vulnerable vulnerable consumer or at risk of social exclusion will be 60% higher than that assigned in its climate zone to a vulnerable consumer.

The aids will be subject to the budget availability limit set each year in the PGE and the beneficiaries of the thermal bond – consumers of the social social bond at December 31 of the year prior to payment – will receive the aid in a single annual payment.

The royal decree-law also introduces new sanctions for marketers and typifies as very serious impose unjustifiably conditions, difficulties or delays in the processing of applications for the social bond, as well as breach the obligation to send in time to the General Directorate of Energy Policy and Mines the necessary information to determine the amount of the thermal bonus and proceed with its payment.

In addition, the Government will have to review every four years the financing mechanism of the social bond, which in the case of the discounts of the electric bond is paid by the marketers, as well as the cost of the co-financing of the electric power supply of the consumers at risk of social exclusion, who pay between companies and the autonomous communities.


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