July 7, 2020

The author who knows how to get hooked on Greek mythology

Ovid explains that, before Creation, the world was a huge confusion called Chaos in which everything that would exist in the future was mixed and compressed. The Creation was the work of a god of unknown identity and name, who gave life to human beings to dominate the other creatures. As explained in "Metamorphosis," men are exceptional beings, because, unlike beasts, they walk upright, which allows them to look up at the sky, the place where the gods inhabit. Here is an example of how the reader can approach an ancient source to try to know the origin of Greek myths, constantly revisited to infinity from all artistic and research disciplines. One of the last, the fabulous illustrated book «The thread of Ariadne. Myths and labyrinths »(Maeva), by Jan Bajtlik, who brought the most amazing stories to the little ones in a rather didactic way. And this time Stephen Fry seems to have thought of something similar, but for those adults without great knowledge who may become attracted to an informative work that ends up being first order: the one that encourages the reading of this priceless treasure of ancient culture , such is the degree of humor and amenity with which Fry wants to transmit to us the enormous wealth that mythological Greece possessed.

No classic baggage

So in «Mythos» (translation of Rubén Martín) he wants to share his love since childhood for stories full of energy, humor and passion that immediately fell in love and that anyone can get to know: «To read this book is not you need to know nothing; Start with an empty universe. It certainly does not require a "classic baggage", nor do you know how to distinguish between nectar and nymphs, satyrs and centaurs or the reapers and the furies. Greek mythology has nothing academic or intellectual at all; it is addictive, entertaining, accessible and amazingly human ».

And without any doubt, as evidenced by the actor and writer, from, of course, a chapter dedicated to Chaos, through the most incredible actions of Persephone, Cupid and Psyche, Phaeton, Cadmus, Sisyphus, Echo and Narcissus, Philemon and Baucis, or Midas. And also relating such stories to contemporary issues, or appealing to the sensitivity of the reader when talking about narcissism, the implication of love at first sight or the very fiery desires to achieve something or someone.

About the Author

Stephen Fry (London, 1957) is an actor, presenter and writer. In Anagrama he has published the novel "The Liar"

ideal for…

Approach stories already told but in a fun and rigorous way

A defect

Maybe the dialogues that occur to Fry between gods

A virtue

The two sheets of illustrations with the myths very well explained



«Mythos. The Greek myths revisited »

Stephen Fry


448 pages,

€ 21.90

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