April 14, 2021

The Australian stock market reaches the highest value in its history

The main indicator of the Australian Stock Exchange, the ASX 200, today reached 6,874.7 points in the first half hour of operations, which is the highest value in its history.

The new record exceeds 6,851.5 points that the Australian index achieved during the day of November 1, 2007, shortly before the international financial crisis.

An hour after reaching that maximum, the index covering the 200 main companies listed on the Australian stock market dropped to 6,869.9 points and around 14.00 local time (04.00 gmt) stood at 6,854.1 points.

The highest increases were recorded by the credit recovery company CreditCorp (6.25%), the telecommunications company TGPTelecom (3.28%) and the media company Nine Entreteinment (2.97%).

The highest closing record of the ASX 200 is 6,828.7 points that was reached on November 1, 2007.

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