The Auschwitz museum criticizes the Carnival of Campo de Criptana for "vulgar" and disrespectful

The body that preserves the memory of the concentration camp has also criticized the new Al Pacino series on Amazon Video, "Hunters"

The Auschwitz Memorial Museum, the institution responsible for preserving the Nazi concentration and extermination camp in Auschwitz (Poland), has criticized the Criptana Field Carnival (Royal City) for including in its parade a parade characterized by Nazi soldier costumes followed by another in which Jewish prisoners appeared. In a bilingual message they characterized the assembly of "difficult to describe" and of a total "recklessness". The Israeli embassy in Spain has joined the protests.

“Difficult to describe: forgetfulness crossing the border of vulgarity and kitsch. Without any relevance, reflection or respect, ”wrote this agency citing a message in the previous social network. In the video you can see the soldiers parading first and, behind them, floats decorated like crematorium ovens. Finally, behind, there is a group of women dressed as if they were prisoners of the concentration camp.

Also the spokesman of the Israeli embassy criticized the "vile and disgusting" banalization of the Holocaust. The diplomat has denounced that "the six million Jews killed by the Nazis are mocked" and has asked European countries to "actively combat anti-Semitism," reports Europa Press.

Also, this body has also criticized another cultural product, such as the launch of "Hunters", an Amazon Video series in which Al Pacino leads a group of Nazi hunters in 1977 in New York and recreates what happened in the field of concentration with a game that the Auschwitz Memorial Museum did not like. On his Twitter account, the museum lamented the approach: "Auschwitz was filled with horrible pain and suffering, documented thanks to the stories of the survivors. Inventing a fake game of human chess for Hunters is not only nonsense, but a Dangerous cartoon. ”And he added that content like that" opens the door to denying what really happened. We honor the victims by preserving the accuracy of the facts. ”


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