July 29, 2021

The Audiencia of Tenerife judges a man who went out drinking after killing his partner | Society

The Audiencia of Tenerife judges a man who went out drinking after killing his partner | Society

The Fifth Section of the Provincial Court of Santa Cruz de Tenerife judges a man accused of having beaten his partner and of having set fire to the house in which they lived. Only five hours later, the alleged murderer, who was leading a double life, was left with another woman with whom he had a parallel relationship to go have a drink in a central entertainment area on the island and attend a humor show in the town of La Laguna, as she has assured herself this Tuesday, very affected, when she has testified before the court, behind a screen. The events occurred last year. She says she did not know that the man had killed her other partner. The Prosecutor's Office asks for 25 years in prison for the accused for a crime of murder.

The second session of the trial has left very hard testimonies. Especially, with the declaration of the woman who maintained a relationship with the defendant. On April 3, 2017, the firefighters went to put out a fire in a house on La Rúa Street, in The lagoon. After extinguishing the flames, they found the body of a woman wrapped in a blanket, next to two butane bottles. The National Police He then began his investigation with the couple of the deceased as the main suspect. It was he himself who, the next day, called 112 to confess the crime and report that he had tried to commit suicide, without success. It is now, during the celebration of the trial, when the pieces of the puzzle have finished fitting.

According to the story of the alleged murderer, on the day of the events he told his partner that he had a relationship with another woman. Then, a discussion ensued. At that moment, the defendant beat her with a blunt object. Later, he wrapped her in a blanket with flammable material and arranged two bottles to blow up the house. After setting fire to the victim, he went to meet his other partner, who did not know the facts.

In her statement, the woman has assured that they went shopping in shopping centers and that he was at all times very calm. He spent that afternoon and that night with her. The next day, the man went to the south of the island and tried to commit suicide by hitting himself with a stone on his head. He called 112 and confessed. He was arrested hours later.


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