The Audiencia of Seville condemns to 14 years to three young people who raped a woman in Seville | Society

The Audiencia of Seville condemns to 14 years to three young people who raped a woman in Seville | Society

The Provincial Court of Seville has sentenced this Tuesday to 14 years in prison to the three young people, of Romanian nationality, who raped in a group a young woman in the Andalusian capital in April 2017 for a continued crime of sexual assault. The court considers it proved in the judgment that the three defendants took the victim by car to an open field next to the Olympic Stadium after having been drinking alcohol in the nightclub La 33; a circumstance that the magistrates consider mitigating. The young woman, who came up with them thinking that they would bring her home, received several blows. They raped her inside the vehicle and outside him. After, the young people, who are in preventive detention, the they left in a ditch.

In addition to prison sentences, which the Prosecutor's Office requested were 23 years, lDefendants are prohibited from communicating with the victim and approaching her within 300 meters. Once the sentence is served, the youth will be on probation for another eight years. Although the state of drunkenness in which the youths were found has been considered an extenuating circumstance to decide the penalty, the court recognizes an aggravating circumstance: the abuse of superiority in which they incurred. According to the sentence "the transfer to a field of the young woman, the plurality of attackers and repeated acts of aggression contain a clear situation of violence and intimidation to break the will of the victim."

The accused have to compensate the victim with 84,315.55 euros for the psychological consequences and the physical damage caused. The young woman, the sentence continues, needed 50 days to recover from the injuries she suffered and that have left her "a loss of strength in the right wrist and pain in the coxal region." In addition, as a consequence of the aggression, the victim suffers "high-intensity post-traumatic stress" that has led her to attempt suicide, which is why she was admitted to the hospital. Before the hearing, between the months of October and November of last year, each defendant deposited 2,500 euros as compensation for the damage.

The sentence states that one of the defendants "began to make touches by different parts of the body of the girl" as they drove to the Olympic Stadium. This "began to scream" while another of the accused "hit him on the head, covered his mouth and grabbed his arms." A juncture that took the first of them to penetrate. Then, they stopped the vehicle and who was driving it approached the back where the other two companions were. At that moment, the group rape that ended the abandoned girl began. It was found at 9.30 am by two employees of EMASESA, the water and sanitation company in Seville, who declared that the girl was "nervous, in a state of shock and she just repeated that she had been raped and dragged from a vehicle. "


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