Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

The Audiencia of Madrid sentenced Diáz Ferrán to 10 months in prison

The Audiencia of Madrid sentenced Diáz Ferrán to 10 months in prison

Section 23 of the Provincial Court of Madrid has confirmed the agreement reached between the former president of Marsans and the CEOE, Gerardo Díaz Ferrán, and the Prosecutor's Office that collected 10 months in prison and compensation of 239,030 euros for misappropriation in the sale of Passages of Eurolínes Marítimas (Baleària).

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According to legal sources have indicated to EFE, in the event that the employer does not comply with the agreement agreed could be initiated by civil means.

In the context of the compliance hearing that took place this Wednesday, the aforementioned section d

Baleària to 226,119 for the tickets sold and another 12,911 euros for the expenses in the return of promissory notes, which gives a total amount of 239,030 euros.

Initially, the Office of the Prosecutor requested five years of imprisonment for the businessman, a penalty that has finally been reduced to 10 months, which would prevent him from returning to prison.

In its provisional rating brief, the Public Prosecutor's Office considered that Díaz Ferrán and his deceased partner, intermediated, between 2008 and 2009, in the business of these tickets "with the intention of obtaining an illicit benefit" in their capacity as Travel Managers Marsans, Travel Crisol and Rural Tours.

In particular, societies received tickets from ships for sale; After that, and after retaining a commission for each ticket, they proceeded to settle the amounts sold through promissory notes which, he continues, were not paid.

In January 2018, the National Court announced the release of Díaz Ferrán after serving 5 years in prison in Soto del Real, Madrid, to which he was sentenced for different criminal reasons, in view of his "excellent" behavior, his advanced age and the health problems he suffers.

Díaz Ferrán was sentenced in September 2015 to five and a half years in prison for property raises, fraudulent bankruptcy, money laundering and integration in a criminal group for the "Marsans case".

Also two years and two months in prison for fraud to the Treasury in the purchase of Aerolineas Argentinas, and another two years for misappropriation of 4.4 million euros from customers of the tourism group.

Identical punishment to the one imposed by the fourth section of the Criminal Chamber of the National Court for the scandal of the "black" cards of Caja Madrid.


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