May 18, 2021

The Audiencia of Madrid confirms the bail of 18 million to Rodrigo Rato | Economy

The Audiencia of Madrid confirms the bail of 18 million to Rodrigo Rato | Economy

The Provincial Court of Madrid has refused to lift the former president of Bankia, Rodrigo Rato, the bail imposed by a court of first instance, of 18 million euros, by the known as Rato case, which investigates possible crimes against the public treasury, corruption between individuals and money laundering. The cause investigates since 2015 the tax evasion derived from the private business of the PP expolitic and the alleged bribes that were charged at the time in front of the bank.

The defense of Rato had requested that the bail agreed to be set aside to face the possible economic responsibilities that the ex-president of Bankia may incur in the process. The Audiencia of Madrid, in a car released on Thursday, has decided to maintain that bond, which the defense of Rato qualifies in his writings of "exorbitant" because the "allegedly defrauded fees reach a very low amount".

The judges of section 23 of the Provincial Court of Madrid recalled a previous ruling on this issue in which it was claimed that there are "strong indications that the regularization of the foreign patrimony" of Rato was made "in a much lower amount than the real " It was also noted that the former president of Bankia is being investigated for a possible crime of corruption among private individuals "in an amount of 2.2 million euros" and that the crimes he faces "carry a penalty of fine".

The Rato case, whose investigation was extended last November and will continue until June 2020, is divided into a dozen separate pieces that inquire about fiscal crimes and corruption that could have favored the family fortune of the former IMF director. The investigations start from a report of the National Fraud Investigation Office (ONIF), of the Ministry of Finance, that detected suspicious movements of Rato supposedly to hide to the Treasury his income. Based on this report, the Madrid Public Prosecutor's Office interposed a complaint.

The Audiencia of Madrid launches in its car a critic to the court number 31 of the capital that takes the instruction of the Rato case for not having specified until now how it has calculated the amount of the bond that it imposed to the exbanquero. "However, we appeal – once again – to the duty that weighs on the body in charge of the investigation, to give a concrete, motivated, detailed, analytical, balanced and impartial response to what is being proposed, justifying its conclusions with reasons supported by the data concrete that have been acceding to the cause, and not on generic validations ", point out the magistrates.

The Rato case it is not related to the other two judicial processes that the PP has dealt with, which is currently serving a prison sentence for the case of the black cards of Bankia. The IPO of the entity is being judged in the National Court, which will resume the sessions of the oral trial on January 8.


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