Thu. Apr 9th, 2020

The Audiencia of Barcelona reopens part of the cause on the spying of the Mossos to SCC

The Audiencia of Barcelona reopens part of the cause on the spying of the Mossos to SCC

The Audiencia of Barcelona has ordered the reopening of the cause of the alleged spying of the Mossos to the president of the Catalan Civil Society, Josep Ramon Bosch, who uncovered himself thanks to the documentation that the Catalan police were going to incinerate on the eve of declaration of independence.

In a car, to which Efe has had access, the eighth section of the Audiencia of Barcelona ordered to reopen this case, which in September 2018 filed the holder of the court of instruction number 19 of Barcelona, ​​concluding that there are indications that Bosch was object of "surveillance and controls" by the autonomous police.

The court agreed to refer the case to the investigative court number 22 of Barcelona, ​​which took the majority of complaints regarding the alleged espionage by the Mossos d'Esquadra to politicians and constitutional leaders, and that is still awaiting the hearing to resolve the resources on its file, agreed last January.

The holder of the court of instruction number 22 filed the central piece on the alleged political espionage to consider that the Mossos d'Esquadra did not incur in "deviation of power" and limited themselves to seek information "essential in all police", before what the affected cases and the Prosecutor's Office appealed to the Hearing.

From the testimony of the ex-Commissioner of the Information Area of ​​the Mossos d'Esquadra Manel Castellví, the head of the court 22 determined that the regional police acted with "competence", gathering data from people who, due to their socio-political significance, could be participants or victims of incidents in a moment "especially vulnerable", in the middle of independence process.

The twenty affected by this supposed case of espionage, among them politicians and representatives of constitutionalist organizations, trade unionists, lawyers and journalists, appealed to the Audiencia of Barcelona, ​​on having understood that the Mossos were "overreached" in their functions for "political purposes" and that not investigating it "would give carte blanche" to repeat the follow-ups.

While waiting for the Court to resolve this appeal, the eighth section of this judicial body has revoked the file of the Bosch-related piece that filed the trial court.

The eighth section of the Hearing highlights that in the documentation that the Mossos were going to incinerate on the eve of the declaration of independence on October 27, 2017, there is a picture of Bosch and his name in a color chart as linked to the Catalan Civil Society ( SCC) "within the framework of surveillance and controls of the so-called 'Operation Catalunya'".

For this reason, the Audiencia notes that it can be "rationally deduced, at least with an indicative nature", that Bosch would be subject to "surveillance and controls", which was corroborated by a journalist in a testimony in which he maintained that an informant told him that The president of SCC was one of the most watched people in both his public and private life.

A spokesman for the complainants consulted by Efe has indicated that the decision of the eighth section of the Audiencia de Barcelona to reopen the court case 19 and send it to court 22 gives them hope that the court will end up accepting their appeal and order reopen the piece central to this case of alleged espionage.


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