The Audiencia de Cuentas links the RTVC irregularities with the lack of a framework mandate

The Audiencia de Cuentas links the RTVC irregularities with the lack of a framework mandate

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Pacheco has presented the RTVC audit reports for 2018 and 2019 to the parliamentary committee, where irregularities are reflected

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The president of the Audiencia de Cuentas de Canarias,
Peter Pachecohas described as "diabolical" the system of
RTVC managementcharacterized by numerous irregularities, and has linked it to the lack of a framework mandate that allows management planning, a mandate that the
Parliament He has not been able to define in the last four years.

Pacheco has presented in a parliamentary commission the
inspection reports of RTVC of 2018 and 2019, where irregularities are reflected such as the hiring of personnel through temporary employment agencies, splitting of contracts,
lack of competition and transparencyrecourse to urgency for predictable contracts, little internal control or lack of accreditation in the payment of exploitation rights.

"The lack of definition of a management model by the Parliament of the Canary Islands has conditioned an effective and efficient planning of the contracting to be carried out", indicates the report of the
Hearing of Accountsa statement that the deputy from Nueva Canarias has openly disagreed with,
Esther Gonzalez, for whom a framework mandate is neither essential nor can the legislative chamber be held responsible for deficiencies in the entity's management.

did not agree either
Light Reveron, from the PP, for whom the lack of an agreement in Parliament on the television model does not exempt the sole administrator from complying with the law.

The president of the Audiencia de Cuentas, Pedro Pacheco, has pointed out that a framework mandate would allow
schedule activities and specific objectives in a program contract.

The framework mandate is not going to fix hiring in the entity and its companies, but it allows it to be significantly improved by defining financing, objectives to meet and planning“, something that RTVC has lacked since 2018, he said.

In this regard, he pointed out that the
RTVC Law Since then, it has been modified every year “in the wake of reality”, in order to respond to the problems that arise.


The president of the Audiencia de Cuentas pointed out that from the audit report of 2019 to 2020 "there are things that have improved and things that have not" in terms of hiring. “There are things that
asole administrator it does it wrong and has not solved it«, such as the division of contracts or the lack of documentation.

«In 2018 I already said that the contracting system of Canarian Television was the most complicated in the Government and the weakest in the Government“, Pacheco recalled.

that weakness
"it keeps"direct contracting and contract divisions continue to be used because it is easier than starting to plan and do management work, Pacheco explained, although he pointed out that at the moment the Court of Auditors has not activated
files for accounting responsibility, except for one in 2018 that was finally closed.

He added that a possible way to fix the management of an entity that
"He is no paragon of virtue" would be a greater provision of technical staff.

He explained that minor contracts are used because managing a planned contract takes more time and gives more work and denounced that in a public entity the hiring of personnel
implies equal treatment and free competition, something that does not happen when temporary employment agencies are used.

As an addition, when the number of hiring by temporary work company exceeds
€15,000 exceeds the limit of a minor contract, which is a new breach.

Iñaki Álvaro Lavandera, of the PSOEcriticized the cheerful talk of "illegality" when there has been no case of accounting responsibility, and appreciated improvements in the 2020 report compared to 2019, although he admitted that there are structural problems derived from the fact that there is no "will to consensus' for a framework mandate.

Jose Miguel Barragán, CC-PNCadmitted that part of the responsibility lies with Parliament and that a general management and a control board would be needed so that the entity's management has more operational capacity and pointed out that there is some progress in 2020 but no substantial improvements.

Light Reveron, from the PPthanked the Audiencia de Cuentas for its report because his party has been denouncing the irregularities for two years while the sole administrator, Francisco Moreno, and the groups that support the Government "justified the unjustifiable."

Esther González, from Nueva Canariassaid that in 2020 there are some improvements, although irregularities remain high.

The deputy of
Yes We Can Canary Islands Manuel Marrero considered that it is timely to "slap on the wrist" to Parliament for its inability to define the television model.

Melodie Mendoza of ASGaffirmed that it is necessary to set up the control board because otherwise the management problems will continue and defended the need for more personnel in the administrative and management area of ​​the entity.

The deputy of
Mixed group Vidina Espino blamed Nueva Canarias, "with the necessary collaboration of PSOE and Sí Podemos", for preventing Parliament from agreeing on the framework mandate, in order to
“remain in control of the business” carried out by Moreno and "his boss", the Minister of Finance,
Roman Rodriguez.

Under suspicion the television programs of Pedro Guerra

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