November 25, 2020

The Attorney General’s Office withdraws from Anti-Corruption the prosecutor indicated by Vox and Commissioner Villarejo for collusion with Podemos

Ignacio Stampa, one of the two prosecutors who have promoted the more than thirty pieces of which the Villarejo case is made up for now, will not continue in the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office and, therefore, will stop investigating this macrocause. The State Attorney General, Dolores Delgado, has refused to assign him one of the nine positions owned in that department that she had chosen and that she has awarded this Tuesday. Until now, Stampa was in the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office on commission.

The continuity of the prosecutors in the Villarejo case is decided in the midst of an anti-corruption campaign

The continuity of the prosecutors in the Villarejo case is decided in the midst of an anti-corruption campaign

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The attorney general has refused to give him a fixed place following the criteria set by the Fiscal Council, where Stampa has not been endorsed by any of his colleagues, fiscal sources inform This advisory body of the Public Ministry, whose reports are not binding, is made up of three ex officio members and nine representatives of the associations: five from the conservative Association of Prosecutors, to which Stampa is associated, and four from the Progressive Union of Prosecutors.

Delgado has proposed that the other prosecutor in the Villarejo case, Miguel Serrano, access a position owned by the other prosecutor in the Villarejo case, despite the fact that he has had the support of only five of the 12 members of the Fiscal Council.

Although they are not the only places that have been awarded this Tuesday in the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office, the Stampa case has acquired more notoriety because Vox and Commissioner Villarejo have accused him without evidence of collusion with Pablo Iglesias and Podemos, the party that exercises the accusation popular in the cause about the dark businesses of Villarejo and other members of the police leadership. The formation of the extreme right has led these events to a complaint on which the Prosecutor of the Superior Court of Justice of Madrid will have to pronounce.

The State Attorney General’s Office opened a first investigation in February into messages that alluded to an alleged relationship between Stampa and Podemos lawyer Marta Flor. But the head of the Fiscal Inspection shelved the matter because, among other things, the statute of the Public Ministry does not contemplate as a cause to separate a prosecutor who maintains a relationship with the legal representative of a party involved in a process. Consequently, the Tax Inspection did not assess the reality of the accusations.

The Supreme Court prosecutor, Luis Navajas, also spoke on this matter. When asked about the “relationship” between the prosecutor and Podemos lawyer in two interviews in September, he replied that had felt “disgusted” and that Stampa should have been removed immediately. But Navajas backed down weeks later. On October 16, he signed a public letter in which he considered the information on the alleged relationship as “absolutely false“He admitted that before taking them for certain he should have investigated it and apologized to his partner.


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