The attorney general dismisses prosecutors investigating the Odebrecht case in Peru

The attorney general dismisses prosecutors investigating the Odebrecht case in Peru

Peru's attorney general, Pedro Chávarry, today dismissed the coordinator of the Lava Jato special team, Rafael Vela, and prosecutor José Domingo Pérez, who was in charge of investigations against opposition leader Keiko Fujimori and former president Alan García.

Chávarry, who is under investigation for alleged links to a corruption network in the Judiciary known as "The white necks of the port," argued that prosecutors have violated the principle of hierarchy in the Public Ministry, having questioned his tenure in office .

The attorney general pointed out that the new fiscal coordinator of the special team will be the superior prosecutor Frank Robert Almanza and Domingo Pérez will be replaced by the provincial provincial prosecutor Marcial Eloy Páucar.

Chávarry said he made his decision because it is necessary to adopt "urgent and necessary measures in order to restore and strengthen the function of the Public Ministry."

"The Public Ministry will not stop, our fight against corruption will be implacable, no matter who falls, I have no fear of it," he said.

The attorney general was accompanied by Almanza and Páucar, but only read a statement and refused to accept questions from journalists, who questioned whether his decision is a reprisal for the confrontation he had with Perez and Vela.

Perez denounced on December 26 for covering up Chávarry, in the context of the investigations for alleged money laundering against former presidential candidate Keiko Fujimori, who is serving 36 months of preventive detention.

The prosecutor imputed to Chávarry the presumed commission of the crime against the administration of justice in the forms of personal and real cover-up, and "has carried out acts to obstruct or obstruct the effective collaboration agreement with the Odebrecht company".

Among those investigated in this case are Keiko Fujimori, as leader of the opposition Popular Force, and the presidents Alejandro Toledo (2001-2006), Alan García (2006-2011), Ollanta Humala (2011-2016) and Pedro Pablo Kuczynski (2016 -2018).

Pérez pointed out that Chávarry seeks to "ensure that the collaboration process with the Odebrecht company does not end satisfactorily", which would mean that "the various sources of evidence (…) can not be used in a possible trial", nor receive more information in these investigations.

For this reason, he asked the Office of the Special Prosecutor Coordinator of the Special Team to submit his inquiries to the Office of the Prosecutor of the Nation in order to proceed according to the procedure established in the Code of Criminal Procedure.

Chávarry's presence as attorney general has been questioned since he took office last July, as he was linked to the corruption network in the Judiciary that supposedly led Judge César Hinostroza, currently detained in Spain while his extradition is being processed. Peru.

However, the different requests for the Congress to evaluate his stay in office, which have even been made by President Martín Vizcarra, have been blocked by the majority supporters of the Fujimorist Popular Force.

After hearing the decision of the Attorney General, announced only four hours before the New Year's festivities, politicians from different parties pointed out that it is a serious blow to the anti-corruption struggle, while Fujimorist legislators asked to respect the measure for involving the autonomy of powers. .


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