April 11, 2021

The attorney general assures that her investigation has motivated the regularizations of Juan Carlos I and has allowed more than five million euros to emerge

The State Attorney General, Dolores Delgado, assured this Tuesday in the Congress of Deputies that the investigations that the Supreme Court Prosecutor’s Office has open regarding the assets of Juan Carlos I have motivated the two tax regularizations presented by the former Head of State for almost forty years and have allowed an “important” and “unimaginable” amount of money to flow into the public coffers. “We are talking about five million or so euros that belongs to all Spaniards,” he said, referring to the sum paid by the king in the two regularizations presented: 678,393.72 euros that he paid in December to prevent a criminal investigation into his opaque cards and 4.4 million euros deposited last week with which he intends to regularize the pleasure trips that he paid for years a foundation under suspicion.

Zagatka, the foundation under suspicion that financed a decade of pleasure trips of Juan Carlos I

Zagatka, the foundation under suspicion that financed a decade of pleasure trips of Juan Carlos I

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With these statements, the State Attorney General tried to shake off the criticism of the spokespersons for United Podemos, ERC, JxCat and Bildu who, in their previous interventions, had questioned the inaction of the institution that presides in relation to the emeritus. The attorney general insisted that the investigation into the king is being carried out with a “highly qualified” team, “respecting the constitutional guarantees of the investigated person” and “with absolute reserve” despite the fact that this may generate criticism such as the ones this had to hear. Tuesday through the mouths of various groups, including the junior partner of the coalition government who proposed her for that position.

Delgado also attributed the slowness of the investigations to “international cooperation”. The investigation of the Office of the Supreme Court Prosecutor, in which the Chief Anticorruption Prosecutor participates, is pending the rogatory letters sent to different countries and that delays its progress. In any case, the attorney general confirmed that the regularizations presented “will force new investigations and verifications” because “surely” they will provide new “data”, as reported elDiario.es.

The words of the attorney general collided with the criticism expressed in recent days by technicians and inspectors of the Ministry of Finance, who question why no action has been taken before against the former head of State, being, as it was, public that the Foundation Zagatka had spent a fortune on his private flights. The second regularization of the monarch in three months caused outrage among the representatives of the Treasury officials over the fact that the monarch has been given room to pay, and try to avoid, a tax or criminal investigation.

This complaint was added this Friday United we can, which pointed directly to the Prosecutor’s Office and the Treasury. This Tuesday, his deputy Enrique Santiago also affected Delgado the “lack of action” of the Prosecutor’s Office on the emeritus and asked to prosecute the open investigations “now”. In his opinion, they are nurtured by “numerous indications and inquiries” from the investigation opened in Switzerland, from press information, from the monarch’s lawyer’s own press releases “confirming actions that at least appear to be a tax offense” and from the information that appears in the Tax Agency. “In Spain there can be no impunity or marque license for anyone,” he added.

Previously, spokesmen for ERC, JxCat and Bildu had accused Delgado of allowing a double yardstick with the monarch. “We see that this March the Prosecutor’s Office has earned the salary based on persecuting the independentistas but instead we see that it does not have time to investigate a fled and corrupt monarch,” said Carolina Telechea, from ERC, who also described it as “Paradox” that the Prosecutor’s Office “did not request a precautionary measure for the flight of the Bourbon” but just yesterday requested five more years in prison for rapper Hasél in one of the cases he has open, the one related to the altercations after the arrest of Carles Puigdemont in Germany.

Jaume Alonso Cuevillas, from Junts per Catalunya, contrasted the “tough position of the application of the law” in Catalonia with an alleged abandonment of functions in relation to the finances of the emeritus. “There is no evidence that any type of activity has been started to see the latest regularization of the king emeritus, if there has been money laundering or if someone prevaricated in the Tax Agency alerting him to the beginning of an action,” he said. “At this moment, after the second regularization operation, citizens are wondering if this Prosecutor’s Office is the same for everyone or is there a double bar,” said, for her part, Bildu spokeswoman, Isabel Pozueta, who asked Delgado directly that had made the institution that directs around a matter of maximum relevance “political and media.”


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